8 Facebook Stats Every Australian Business Should Know in 2021

12 April 2021

After all these years, Facebook remains at the top. With a whopping 2.7 billion active users worldwide, other social media platforms still have a lot of catching up to do. Australians are among its biggest fans. So if you’re a business looking to target consumers down under, Facebook is an ideal channel. Here are some key statistics worth keeping in mind for 2021 to help you get the most out of your Facebook advertising across the country.

1. Facebook is Australia’s 3rd most visited site after Google and YouTube

Facebook generates the third highest traffic of any site in Australia according to Alexa’s latest data from January 2021. They tend to visit 9 pages per day on average. And with around 16 million active Australian users monthly, your Facebook ads are bound to have high exposure here.

2. 97.5% of Australians users access through mobile phone

Hootsuite’s March 2021 Australian social media usage report reveals a whopping 97.5% of Australian Facebookers access to the app using their smartphones. Make sure you to tailor your content primarily towards mobile users to make it more clickable (or rather touchable) and engaging.  

3. More than 200 million small businesses use Facebook globally

Facebook for Business has opened valuable opportunities for businesses of all sizes. It is relatively easy to use with highly sophisticated targeting functionality, and gives you full control over your ad spend. Small businesses can reap its rewards too, and it is a great platform to use during the startup phase to generate initial interest and traffic.

4. Facebook brought in $27.2 billion in ad revenue in Q4 2020

The pandemic left millions stuck indoors during strict lockdowns, which meant people in general were spending much more time behind their phone screens. This meant more social media usage, as well as more online shopping. The result was a huge spike in ad revenue generated by Facebook.

5. Australian users are some of the most active ad clickers in the world

Averaging 22 ad clicks per month, Australians are statistically likely to click on Facebook ads. In fact, they are in the top 8% of ad-clickers globally. This is just another reason to start advertising on the platform if Aussies are among your target audience.

6. Australians are highly engaged

Engagements are very valuable to advertisers. They generate buzz and act as social proof for other viewers. Australians have a propensity to interact with Facebook ads. With almost 15 likes and 8 comments per month they are among the most engaged users on the network, ranking fourth in most likes per user and sixth in most comments per user.

7. Over 1.25 million users in Australia are aged over 65 years old

Although the younger generation accounts for the lion’s share of Facebook users in Australia, it may come as a surprise that the site is becoming more and more popular among the over-65s. 11.1%, to be specific, belong to this age bracket. So if your business is selling to this demographic, Facebook advertising should serve you well. Just make sure your ads are accessible for them.

8. Facebook has an 80% market share of Australian social media marketing

When your business is starting out, a rather rudimentary yet reliable strategy is to look at what your top competitors are doing and follow their lead. And the odds are, they are advertising on Facebook. The network generates the most ad revenue of any social media platform. It can be seamlessly integrated with intuitive e-commerce features, making it the ideal channel for those selling online.

If your business isn’t using Facebook yet, it’s time to start unlocking its full potential by taking advantage of its reach, influence and functionality. It is one of the most simple yet the most sophisticated ways to promote your business online and to target your audience precisely. If you need help getting the most out of social media, talk to the experts at Elephant in the Boardroom. Our social-savvy gurus know how to elevate your business across multiple channels. We have helped countless Australian businesses to grow online with our suite of premium services, from SEO to web design. Reach out to us today at www.elephantintheboardroom.com.au for your free digital health check.