How to Do Content Curation

29 March 2021

Content curation is a buzz term you often hear in today’s digital marketing landscape. But what does it mean, precisely?

For those not already in the know, content creation is the practice of sourcing material that is relevant to your audience and sharing it strategically via your communication channels. The process involves exploring and sifting through online content and cherry-picking the best pieces, usually centred around a general theme or topic. The goal of content curation is to engage your existing and prospective clients with content they can relate to. It should add value in some way, whether it be educational, humorous or inspirational.

Though this might sound simple, it can be challenging to curate content well. The internet is saturated with content, so you must strategise carefully in order to stand out from the clutter. However, with some patience, clarity and outside-the-box thinking, you can curate impactful content that resonates.

The Why

1. Fills gaps in your content calendar

Coming up with original content takes time and resources, so it’s best to adopt a quality-over-quantity approach. This is where content curation comes in handy. On the days when you have nothing good enough to post, but still want to keep your audience engaged, find some relevant content elsewhere that is aligned with the monthly theme or concept. While you should never rely too heavily on other people’s content, it’s all about finding the right balance.

2. Adds value to customers

Good curated content will bring value to those who view it. It may teach them something new, for instance, a step-by-step recipe guide. It might give them a giggle, like a funny video. The type of value will depend on your industry, image and time of the year. But whatever it is you provide, by offering your audience something first, you are demonstrating your value. People are very sensitive to reciprocity, and are much more likely to convert if they feel they’ve already benefited from them in some way. By putting out content that enriches their lives in some way, it is also a taste of good things to come.

3. Positions you as a thought leader

Many people will check out your online channels to learn more about your business before sealing the deal. Use this space to demonstrate your expertise in your niche with curated content. Find material that gives your audience unique and interesting insights into your industry. This could come in the form of interviews, articles, infographics or Q&A sessions. Give your own views in a well-written caption to for extra depth and richness. The aim is to position your business as an industry thought-leader. This adds a layer of legitimacy and credibility to your brand, which in turn builds trust among consumers.

The How

1. Know your audience

Every marketing endeavour starts with knowing your audience. But just how well do you know yours? Sure, you might know some basic demographics like age and gender. While this information is crucially important, it barely scratches the surface. Get to know your audience on a deeper level and then you can really start to make an impact. Do some digging to find out what makes them tick, their common interests and their pain points. These insights are best learned through qualitative research methods like interviews or social listening. With this understanding under your belt, you can curate truly relatable content with which is much more likely to strike a chord with your audience.

2. Add a personal touch

Content is nothing without context. Make yours worthwhile by adding an engaging caption, whether it be funny, thought-provoking or informative. There’s no place for vagueness or cryptic messages when it comes to curating content. Make your thoughts known without leaving any guesswork to your audience.  Including your own commentary adds substance to already substantial content. It provides a golden opportunity for you to showcase expertise and personality, and can even invite a dialogue in the comments section which is great for engagement and exposure.

3. Always cite the original

When you share someone else’s material on the internet, you must make it clear that it is not your own so that you’re not appropriating it. Make sure to cite the original source any time you share curated content. There are strict policies as well as penalties in place for those who don’t comply, which can cause both financial and reputational damage to your brand. It is never worth the risk.

4. Do some fact checking before sharing

It is your obligation to share only content that is factual and aligned with your core brand values. This means you must carefully examine everything you put out before hitting the post button. If you skip this key step, you could up spreading misinformation to your audience. Not only would this be very embarrassing, but it could potentially cause real harm to people. So curate your content responsibly.

5. Schedule curated posts before sharing

In the interest of efficiency, schedule your curated post in advance. This might not always be possible given that some content will relate to current events or breaking news. But for evergreen content, having it ready to go days or even weeks in advance can be a huge time saver.

Like most aspects of digital marketing, content curation is easy to do, but tricky to do well. But once you get the hang of it, it takes the pressure off your marketing team to churn out more original content than is manageable. By using a mix you are left with a well-rounded balance, where the quality of your own work is not compromised. Content curation also gives your business a unique opportunity to share opinion or commentary, building your authority and developing your image in the process.

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