How to Generate Leads in 2018

How to Generate Leads in 2018

The digital age has ushered in a significant shift in consumer behavior that has forever changed the purchasing landscape. To drive sales, you must stay on top of the latest platforms that your prospects are using during the research and discovery phase. Here are useful lead generation tips to start the year on the right foot.

Develop Valuable Content with Relevant SEO

Content writing is a useful tactic to attract more traffic to your website by creating a mix of valuable educational materials aimed towards helping your prospects in their purchase decisions. If executed properly, it is a cost-effective strategy to generate interest in your product or service, turn leads into customers, and nurture existing relationships.

It can be a struggle to get started especially when deciding which topics to write about. You can begin by looking into what keywords prospects use when researching. There are several free tools you can try  such as the Google Keyword Planner (https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/),  Keywordtool.io or Übersuggest  (https://ubersuggest.io).

As search engine algorithms evolve so should your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Google is now focused on semantic search which means it is no longer just looking for keywords but it tries to understand the context of the query to provide the most accurate information. This brings us to Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords. These are semantically similar words that have been indexed by Google according to the most popular search terms. You can find this list at the end of a search page. You can incorporate them with your content writing to help you be seen by potential customers.   

While these strategies may help increase traffic to your site, you will not have the ability to generate leads without getting relevant contact information from your visitors. Gated content is the most effective way to do so since it requires your target to register before being granted access to the full article or material. Once you get their contact details, you can then send them follow-up emails to drive them further into your sales funnel.

Invest in Paid Search Ads and High Converting Landing Pages

Trying to rank well through organic search takes a lot of time and effort. And even if you have great content writing, you may still not see the desired results. Paid search ads can give you the necessary push to get in front of your prospects ahead of the competition.

It is easy to create a Google Adwords account and place a bid on your preferred keywords. You need to decide on a compelling ad title and a few lines of descriptive text. Google Adwords has recently offered demographic targeting to help advertisers focus on specific groups.

Be sure to develop high converting landing pages. A landing page is a custom web page created for the purpose of getting visitors to take action on your offer. This is where the users end up after they click your ad. Don’t create wordy and cluttered landing pages that confuses your prospects. Too many links results in distractions. Have a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) and optimize forms by keeping questions at the minimum. It helps to use navigation arrows or attention-grabbing buttons to focus their attention. Do test different designs and formats and choose the ones that prove to be more effective.

Engage in Social Selling on LinkedIn Groups

Facebook may tout itself as the largest social network in terms of user base but it cannot beat LinkedIn when it comes to qualifying leads. What makes LinkedIn more effective is its Advanced People Search tool where you can specify your search by geography, industry, current company, past positions, educational background, and other interests.

Join groups in LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals and cultivate relationships which can lead to business deals down the road. Most groups frown on solicitations so be careful not to be too pushy when promoting your products and services. It is best to first gain trust and establish yourself as a subject matter expert by participating in conversations and discussions.  Through LinkedIn Groups, you can build a list of prospects depending on your predetermined qualifications. Listen in on what they are posting and be on the lookout for sales triggers. This may signal that it is time for you to reach out, build a connection, and offer a possible solution.

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