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Don’t just settle for clicks – get the maximum return from your advertising spend by implementing Google Ads solutions tailored to your business. Qualified clicks followed by real action will propel your business to greater heights.

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Helping businesses grow is in our DNA. We have in-depth knowledge of the PPC landscape and adapt to the best Google Ad practices to increase your sales and drive new customers. We take time to understand your business, your products, your customer base and other factors in your business and create strategies that deliver the best results.

  • Attract the right traffic from high-quality source
  • Boost your visibility online
  • Get found by people searching for your products
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Results-Driven PPC Google Ads Management

Unlock more possibilities for your business and generate the results you want with targeted PPC services such as Paid Search Ads, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Social Media Ads, and Video Ads. Tap into our effective PPC campaigns and reap the following rewards and benefits:

  • Positive ROI whilst spending your money wisely
  • Re-connect with your previous visitors and turn them into valuable customers
  • Accelerate your brand awareness, engagement, and conversions
  • Get ahead of your competition with stunning video ads that convert

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Digital Ads
Display Advertising

Grab your customer’s attention with our profitable ad campaigns that increase your brand awareness and drive visitors with high potential of conversion.

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PPC Remarketing

Re-engage with your visitors who have previously shown interest, guide them into your website and convert them into paying customers.

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Social Media
Social Media Ads

Get the most cost-effective advertising to grow your business and reach thousands of people in no time through advertising in social media.

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Jose Alvarez

JYGA Group | Project Manager

We really liked the high standard of customer service we received from the moment we decided to get the project done. Great communication and the website looks like ten (not one) million dollars. We were really impressed with the attention to detail and can do attitude from the team at elephant in the boardroom. All the questions we asked were answered promptly and nothing was too difficult. The website looks fantastic and we will definitely recommend you to all our business partners.

Kiki Makrogiannis


Elephant didn't just build Trade Matcher a website, they built us a Directory that could facilitate us in achieving our business goal: "linking locals". The team are excellent! Knowledgable, creative, innovative, pro-active and sensative to urgency. Highly recommended.

Launce Kent


We engaged Elephant in the Boardroom to design and develop a new landing page, then website for our company Wealth Evolution Financial Planning. The website was built quickly, to specifications and it exceeded our expectations. Elephant made themselves available throughout the build 24/7 and made the process simple. We are ecstatic with the results. We have recommended Elephant to many of our clients and will continue to do so.



A truely professional company that will deliver as promised and beyond.



Elephant In The Boardroom has been nothing short of exceptional. Going above and beyond to ensure my business succeeds has really helped solidify the relationship between us. We will continue to work with them as our business grows. We would have no hesitation in recommending their work to our networks.

Jo Marcou

Next Millennium Group

Big thank you to Candace director of Elephant in the Boardroom for bringing our vision and branding to life! Your professionalism and attention to detail is second to none - you have truly exceeded our expectations. Above all you were an absolute pleasure to deal with no task being to big or small, regardless of time of day! I cannot recommend the fantastic team at Elephant In the Boardroom enough.

Dr Joe Donnoli

Inate Health

Elephant In The Boardroom have created for us a wonderful, interactive and easy to use website. They are an up and coming company that are keen to stamp their name in this very competitive market. I am certain that if my dealings with them are anything to go by they will certainly succeed. Thank you Adi and Candace and we all here at Mount Street Chiropractic Centre wish you all the success.

Nestor Sequera

SN Integrity | Technical Manager

Great work for the team at Elephant In The Boardroom. Great support and understanding customer needs. Well done.

Peter Durning

Corp Centre

Candace is a pleasure to deal with! She understands how important the image of our business is and delivers results to ensure the said image is top notch!


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is PPC campaign management services?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it is when an advertiser pays a set amount each time one of their web adverts is clicked on.

  • What is PPC bid management?

    PPC bid management is the process of strategically lowering or raising keyword bids in order to maximise your budget. This method is most commonly employed in Google AdWords and is a more complex form of marketing for which we have the knowledge and skills to help.

  • How much does PPC management in Melbourne cost?

    The cost of having someone handle your PPC will vary based on the organisation that is supporting you. The percentage of ad spend pricing, flat-fee pricing, and management fee and percentage of ad spend pricing are the three basic pricing structures. Enquire about our pricing approach, which is dependent on your PPC strategy.

  • What is PPC management about?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is a type of online advertising in which advertisers are charged a fee each time their ad is clicked. It's a technique of buying the correct type of visitors to your website, so the clicks turn into conversions, rather than "earning" visitors to your site organically.

  • What types of PPC are there?

    There are several forms of PPC ads that can help you increase website traffic and conversions. The type of PPC campaign you use will be largely determined by your budget.

    • Display Ads
    • Search engine marketing
    • Shopping on Google
    • Advertising on social media
    • Remarketing

    Want to learn more about them? Talk to us!

  • What is PPC management services?

    We handle your company's advertising and the agreed-upon budget as part of a PPC management solution. It entails putting in place strategies for our clients that help them achieve their objectives. This, in turn, attracts additional traffic to their website, with the goal of converting those visitors.

  • How do I launch a successful PPC campaign?

    A group of specialists from an agency like ours can launch a successful PPC campaign since they know the correct tactics to generate quality leads. These techniques necessitate a working knowledge of ideation, keyword research, crafting ad copy, working within a budget, and researching the competition landscape.

  • What are the benefits of PPC management?

    The primary advantage of PPC is that it aids in your journey to the top of your niche. This implies that potential clients who aren't aware of your website will see it, which will promote brand awareness and drive your next marketing push. These tactics work together to increase the likelihood of conversion.

  • What are the best PPC platforms?

    Our agency's platform selection is based on how popular they are, how easy they are to use, and how much money they cost. We only use the highest-ranking platforms, which include Google Advertisements, Facebook Ads, Bing, Instagram, and Mobile in-app ads.

  • Best practices for PPC management strategy

    As a PPC firm, we don't just throw money at advertising without considering how to get the most of it. This includes employing well-written ad copy with well-researched keywords that address your target demographic directly. Delivering a highly targeted landing page with a clean design and ad testing are also important.

  • What is better PPC or SEO?

    When compared to SEO, which takes time to develop, you are more likely to get immediate results with PPC. Use a combination of PPC and SEO for the best results. Using SEO for your main landing page and PPC for specific landing pages, for example, will help you achieve a more balanced result.

  • Where do I find PPC keywords?

    The easiest approach to find PPC keywords is to use keyword tools that provide you access to hundreds of phrases that are actually being used by real people. Our agency has immediate access to these sites, where our knowledgeable staff creates effective keywords to propel your campaign forward.

  • Why choose Elephant In The Boardroom as your PPC agency Melbourne?

    We handle the management of a company's PPC ads as an agency. We work with you to set goals that will reduce your overall expenditures while still allowing you to use the best-targeted keywords.

  • How much do I pay if someone clicks on my Google ad?

    Everything hinges on the bidding strategy. In other words, you select a maximum bid amount, and Google can spend up to 20% more for that bid.
    Other bidding techniques allow Google to boost the cost of bids, such as "Maximise Conversions" and "Enhanced CPC." A client's maximum daily spend can be up to 2x the maximum daily spend, but not more than 120 percent of the month's total spend.
    Consider the following scenario: a client wishes to pay a daily cap of $100. If the bidding strategy is "Maximise Conversions" or "Enhanced CPC," Google can spend up to $200 on that single date, with a total of $3600 for the entire 30 days, but no more.
    We'll create a Google Ads strategy for you based on your budget and goals to bring you a great return on investment.

  • Where will my listings appear within the search engine results pages (SERPs)?

    The location of your advertising will be determined by your preferred placement area as well as the level of competition for each search term you're bidding on. Depending on the outcome of the auction, you could end yourself on page one, page three, and so on.
    Google will display your adverts wherever they are relevant (as determined by Google).

  • What is the difference between SEM and PPC?

    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it refers to any marketing that is tied to a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Search (text advertisements), Google Shopping advertisements, Ads in Google Maps, the Google Display Network, and YouTube are all part of this marketing strategy. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is the standard method of funding a search marketing campaign. You enter an auction and pay for each click on your ad. In SEM, you can pay for your advertising in a variety of ways, including cost per 1000 impressions (CPM), cost per view (CPV), and even cost per conversion.

  • How does Google Remarketing and Googles Display Network work?

    Remarketing is a method of displaying advertisements to people who have previously interacted with your business. On your site, you can set up a "cookie" that tracks the individual who has visited your site around the internet. This remarketing technique can then be implemented in Google Search, Shopping, Display, and Youtube advertisements. The Google Display Network is a global network of over 4 million websites where Google display adverts can be seen. Different sectors and topics have identified these sites. You can choose who to show ads to, determine their demographics, and the placements that will have the maximum impact if you have a display campaign using the GDN (Google display network), which includes Youtube.

  • How many people really click on ads?

    While the numbers may fluctuate from ad to ad, you can be sure that PPC advertising get a lot of attention. In fact, according to statistics from last year, 64.6 percent of those who shop online click on sponsored Google Ads. Furthermore, total click through rates on Google are 600x higher than ads on a normal Facebook page. PPC advertisements have a high click-through rate. Here are some more useful graphs that will help you better understand the power of PPC!

  • How can I track my PPC campaign and its progress?

    You can monitor the success of your PPC campaigns and their overall progress in a variety of ways.

    • You can just delegate the task to us. It's the simplest option, and we'll keep you updated.
    • The click through rate (CTR) of your adverts, which indicates how many people are interested in learning more about your offers, can help you measure success.
    • Your quality score is calculated using a mix of keyword performance, ad performance, landing page performance, and other variables.
    • You can look at your cost per conversion (CPC) to see how much you're spending to get a new client and, as a result, your return on investment.
    • You may also utilise Google Analytics and the Google Advertising interface to gather useful information about the performance of your ads.

    It's critical to evaluate your results holistically in order to determine if your goals are being met and how to proceed.

  • If my competitor starts clicking on my ads do I have to pay for those clicks?

    Click fraud is the term for this type of behaviour, and Google has a few tools to combat it.
    If a bot is used to click on ads repeatedly, Google will ban activity from that IP address. As a result, you won't have to pay for any clicks from that particular address. If the ad is manually clicked on, however, it will be counted as a normal click. You can, however, manually ban clicks from specific IP addresses, preventing competitors from squandering your investment if you strike first.

  • Why is Elephant In The Boardroom the best Google Ads agency?

    We're not just a digital service provider; we're also your performance partner!

    Here's how we'll put money into you:

    Comprehensive Audit : We'll go over all of your digital marketing outlets and see what's effective and what could be better.

    Distinct Growth Approach : We'll explain our strategy, including how we'd grow your marketing and how it relates to your goals.

    Projection of Return on Investment : We'll forecast the outcomes you may expect, as well as your investment and the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you get there.

  • Will Google Ads work for my business?

    Definitely! While many people will tell you that Google Ads is becoming too pricey, the truth is that it's more likely that it's been designed incorrectly and that money is being squandered on "traffic traps," giving the impression that it is. We typically see a strong return on investment from Google Ads, and it's a wonderful technique that you can put to work right away. While most agencies teach $1 in for $4 out, we consistently get $6 or more, with some clients reaching as high as $17.

  • Why use a PPC agency?

    It's crucial to work with a flexible agency that can produce actual results while also taking into account your overall marketing strategy. A PPC expert understands the facts and driving force behind successful campaigns, whether they are long-term or short-term. Finally, your agency should be able to tell you exactly what is driving your ROI and how it affects your bottom line.

  • What can PPC do for my business?

    Pay-per-click campaigns allow you to keep track of your marketing expenses and decide when to stop and start them. Advertising using Google Adwords and other PPC services is ideal for campaigns, forthcoming events, and special deals since it allows you to obtain quick results, increasing conversions, site traffic, and leads.