10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Every Website Project

Managing your ongoing website project can be demanding, requiring numerous tools and software. Chrome extensions can help simplify that. With Chrome extensions, finding and using these tools for your website project becomes a breeze.

Need a tool to determine if your website is responsive? Need to retrieve a colour code from a past website you've seen online? Searching for an extension to track tasks in your website project?

There are thousands of Chrome extensions available, and they can send you into a frenzy. So we've done the work for you and compiled the best of the best.

Read along as we share with you our top 10 Chrome extensions to ease up your website project duties, from designing, developing, and testing it out!

10 Must Have Chrome Extensions

Window Resizer

Making your website project responsive for desktop and mobile is a rule of thumb for designers and developers. However, given the multitude of devices on which your website might appear, testing it thoroughly would consume a considerable amount of time.

Fortunately, here's Window Resizer to the rescue! 

This ready-to-install Chrome extension lets you see how your website would appear across different screen sizes, from mobile to desktop and tablets. 

Now, that's one way to make your website project tasks easier! 

Site Palette 

Ready-to-use colour finders are handy for locating colour codes for specific elements in your website project. But what if you require a complete colour palette for the entire website you're developing?

Don’t worry, because Site Palette will save your day! 

Upon adding to your Chrome browser, Site Palette gives you the colour codes from a specific webpage and provides you with a ready colour palette as a reference for your website project. You can even generate a link for you to share your colour palette ideas. 

Doesn’t that sound great?

Fonts Ninja

Need a Chrome extension for fonts and typography? Fonts Ninja's the one you must try!

Fonts Ninja allows you to identify fonts and typefaces used in a certain webpage, including their size and spacing. You can cross-check it with your native font checker for verification—just in case you've got trust issues (haha).

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can ruin your website project's reputation. Solve it right away with the Broken Link Checker!

This easy-access Chrome extension is an indispensable tool for monitoring your website's health. It scans your pages and provides you with a list of every broken link it detects on your website. 

With this tool, you'll save significant time that can be redirected toward finding ways to address these issues effectively.


Cookies are fun when eaten. But when we talk about cookies on a website, it means a whole lot of work. Luckily, EditThisCookie has got you covered.

With this brilliant Chrome extension, you can create, edit, delete, and block cookies on the web pages you're working on. If you're using cookies for additional website analysis, you'll find this cookie tool useful!

CSS Viewer 

If finding a page's CSS properties means spending a lot of time doing so, get it done quickly with CSS Viewer

CSS Viewer helps identify the CSS properties of elements on a web page, making it invaluable for gaining insights into the website project you're handling.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Another Chrome extension can provide you with great help when you need text placeholders for a website project. That's what the Lorem Ipsum Generator can do! 

It uses the well-known Latin filler text, which you can use and modify so you can visualise the website design as you move forward. Not only that, but it's also easy to use and apply! 


Looking to uncover the secrets behind a stunningly designed website you've seen online? With Wappalyzer, you can now achieve just that!

A reliable website project tool, Wappalyzer shows you exactly how a website was built, whether it's a product of CSS, Javascript, Python, or PHP. That serves as a great basis for completing the website project you're working on.

Web Developer Checklist

Are you a web developer who sometimes finds themselves missing a beat on their website project tasks? Well, the Web Developer Checklist is the perfect extension for you! 

This extension allows you to track the progress of your website design and development tasks, helping you stay organised and on track while completing them. It details the tasks needed before you publish a webpage and even reminds you about its SEO, accessibility, website performance, and mobile friendliness.


Want to build a website for colour-blind individuals? Daltonize is a great tool to assist you with that!

Once added to your browser, it activates a colour blindness simulation feature, allowing you to gauge how to make your website more user-friendly for individuals with colour blindness as you work on your project.

Revolutionise your website projects with these Chrome extensions

Have you chosen what to add to your busy browser? We all hope these reliable Chrome extensions can help you work on your website project, whether you're designing or developing one! 

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