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Is your Melbourne-based business looking for a web development company that can deliver tangible results?

Elephant in the Boardroom Agency is a top web development company immersed in a fully integrated digital environment. We understand that it's critical to your business's success that you provide an exceptional customer experience through an engaging and high-functioning website. Therefore, web development is essential for your online visibility and success.

Although, web development is not an easy job. Put your trust in Elephant in the Boardroom, where our web designers are fully committed to creating stunning websites tailored to your business’s needs. Our web developers are highly skilled to develop and build websites that are fully functional, fast loading, user friendly, and scalable. Our team is highly capable of putting together websites of any complexity, from creating eCommerce websites, Drupal design and development, HTML web development, and other innovative web development applications and solutions.

Don’t ignore the power of web development for your online presence. As trusted web developers in Melbourne and Australia, we will work with you to build your dream website – that gets results. Our site designers will approach their job with practicality, innovation, and a strong sense of commitment. Get your ideas heard and turn them into a beautiful and profitable website for your business.

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We Tailor For Your Web Development Needs

When it comes to finding the right web development company, you want someone that can rapidly assess your company's demands, has an established plan, and who you can trust to deliver on time - while still meeting and exceeding your expectations. With our well-thought-out web development services and solutions, we can help to unleash your full potential with a robust website tailored to your business needs and goals.

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Why Web Development is Critical to Your Success

Web Design

Improves Your Sales

Increasing your company's revenue is one of the many benefits of creating a website. With e-commerce sales expected to rise to $29 million in 2019, according to Statista, a well-designed website that engages your customers and delivers transformative features will help you convert potential leads to sales.

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Our web development solutions are reasonably priced and come with heaps of benefits, which can help save your money and time. When you hire a professional web development agency, you’ll get access to the latest technology, which will allow you to focus on other important core aspects of your business.


Enhances your reach

Expert's in software and app development. Creating user friendly applications to enhance your business for long-term success.


Best Marketing Weapon

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is to have a beautifully designed, robust website. Reach out to more people, improve your brand’s online reputation, and grow your customer base - all these are possible with a website built for success.

Digital Marketing & Web Development Services in Melbourne | Elephant in the Boardroom

Our Web Development Process

Initial Consultation

Understanding the core of a business is critical to the success of any web development project, whether it's a website, an app, or an API interface. During the first consultation, we will ask all the essential questions to get a clear picture of what you need and what web development solutions can bring the best out of your business.


Wireframing the website development project is the next phase. We'll use this as a guide to developing a reliable website with your business goals in mind.

Web Development

Our main goal is to develop a fully functional website that your customers will love. Our talented web developers will look at all the alternatives and possibilities to guarantee optimum results for your websites in terms of appearance, usability, accessibility, and security. Our web designers will combine practicality with innovation and a strong sense of commitment to their work.

Client Approval

Our clients are our success, and we take pride in every successful website project we have delivered. This is made possible with the open communication and collaboration we have established with every client. When we start working on your website, we encourage you to share your ideas so we can give you and your customers the best digital experience


Our experienced developers will pay close attention to the smallest of details to ensure your website exceeds your expectations. With our expertise and vast experience, you can be certain that your website will look great on even the latest versions of different web browsers used by your intended audience.


It’s time to get your website live. Upon checking all variables and considerations, our digital team will launch your website so it can start generating the desired results for your business. A fully functioning website that serves your business purpose is a source of tremendous pride for us.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I create a website for free?

    Yes, you can create your own website free of cost, with the help of several website builders out there but it also comes with some limitations, such as you cannot have a custom URL of your own, and you need additional top-ups for unlocking cool website features and modifications.

  • Can I get access to the website after it’s finished?

    Yes, you can gain access to your new, fully-operational website and make sure you won’t be lost in the wild while doing so. We can provide you with the log-ins and other credentials as well as additional tutorials on running the website, content and images updating, and some more relevant website checks should you need it.

  • Can you create a website which is SEO friendly?

    Aside from building a winning website, SEO is also the name of our game, so with our search engines expertise and best practices, we can build you a fully-functional website that’s visible across search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • Can you finish my current incomplete website?

    Yes, we can give our quote on what your incomplete website needs to have but we’ll always suggest that you must start over and create a more optimised website than simply modify and insert changes within that currently-existing one, as it might affect its overall performance and might cost you a lot in the long run.

  • Do I have to host my website with you?

    No need! We are not a hosting company to begin with but should your website have an existing hosting provider, we can provide a seamless migration in order to ensure a smooth transition of your website onto the server that hosts yours. We can also deal with either managed or shared servers and we are very open to talk about their differences so you can make clear decisions for website server migration.

  • Do we build Mobile Responsive Websites?

    Yes, we set up not only functional websites, but also mobile-friendly ones. We at Elephant in the Boardroom know how crucial mobile-responsive websites are towards SEO and user-friendliness. We make sure to apply the best responsive techniques and strategies so the website will be usable seamlessly on mobile, desktop, and any other mobile devices out there.

  • Do you provide customised website designs?

    Yes, we can provide you customised website designs based on your preferences and the needs of your business or interests. It is one way to make your website look more professional and more fitting for whatever your website aims to serve.

  • Do you provide graphic design for a website?

    We absolutely do! Our website design experts have a terrific eye for design, and if you want your website to have a design makeover, they can surely help you achieve the eye-catching design you desire for your website.

  • Do you provide hosting and maintenance after the website goes live?

    Yes, we can offer you affordable and operational hosting service packages that work within the requirements set by your website. We can also help you find the one that fits your website needs, from plugin updates, performance monitoring, security updates, and website analytics among others. Talk to us so we can land you to the hosting and maintenance plan that can go well with your website!

  • Do you provide website maintenance services?

    Yes, we can give you website maintenance services should you need one, especially if you’re looking to redesign your website or insert some additional features and modifications you think can go well with it. We can even help you choose the best options that will work well for your website, and your budget!

  • Does a design affect how a site will rank?

    It actually does to some extent. SEO experts commonly say the factors affecting capabilities of websites to gain presence in SERPs include website content loading speed, responsiveness, and yes, the website design itself. Expert website designers from Elephant in the Boardroom know it all too well, and can make your website design rank its way up to the search engines.

  • How a good web design helps businesses?

    It definitely helps businesses like yours in a lot of ways. Your website represents the entirety of your business and offers the first impression to your viewers, so, if it has an eye-catching design that also provides easy navigation, we’re pretty sure it will attract them. Combining design and functionality is key to a website that makes businesses successful.

  • How do I set up a shop for my products?

    It is possible through eCommerce websites, which we can also provide if you want to create a shop website where your customers can order and make purchases. We can also modify and add more customisations for your shopping website to ensure optimum working performance that satisfies your customers’ needs.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    There are many factors affecting the timeline of setting up a website, such as project size, complexity of the project itself, and availability of resources necessary to complete it. During the process, we assure you will be kept abreast with the latest updates and realistic timelines, to ensure transparency for our clients and to keep them updated with the latest website developments.

  • How many pages can I have on my website?

    It is within your preference as to how many pages your website can accommodate. In fact, from an SEO viewpoint, it is better if it contains more pages, provided the pages do not contain empty content or are not broken.

  • How much does it cost to design and develop a website?

    The cost of setting up the website will depend on several factors, such as number of pages required, design specifications and mockups, and the complexity of the features added on to it.

  • What are the steps in website design and development?

    The basic steps to website designing and developing begin with gathering information on the website needs, planning, and site designing proper. Content creation for the website, such as adding blogs, pictures, and videos comes in next. The coding process will follow soon thereafter to test the website's functionality. The site will be then tested for the final time and after seeing it fit for public use, it will be launched. Further maintenance will be done to ensure its operability and functionality.

  • What does a web designer do?

    There are lots of duties entrusted and expected of a web designer. Aside from shaping up the fundamentals of your website, they can also create the brand and identity you want for your business through their eye for design and craftsmanship. Some other tasks a web designer can do include designing your business logo, supervising the content visible in your website, and even think of an appealing name and tagline for your business.

  • What is the difference between web design and web development?

    Web design and web development could be two of the most commonly confused terms in the website world. But using an analogy can show the difference between the two. Web design focuses on planning how a house, or in this case, the website, would look like, while web development is tasked with making that plan, or blueprint, come to life. Whatever the difference between the two, we assure you we excel in both, and through our business-minded planning plus design and functionality-conscious designing, the ideal website you aspire to will arise.

  • What is the difference between your services and a template I can purchase?

    Ready-made templates can be the easy way to build your websites around, but remember, it is someone else’s work, and does not give you any touch of identity for your website. Your capability to modify or add some features on it is also compromised. On the other hand, our custom website creation and designing services give you full discretion and control over how you would like your business to be portrayed to your target market, signifying the importance of brand presence. Allow yourself to stand out from the crowd with a website that came off your ideas and crafted by Elephant in the Boardroom’s expertise on website design and development.

  • Who owns the website once it goes live?

    Upon finishing the website, we hand over the intellectual property rights to you, essentially giving you ownership and full rights to it.

  • Why use a web designer?

    Web designers know how a brand should display itself before an audience, as seen on its website and other similar pages. Establishing such the moment these people look into your website already gives your brand a sense of uniqueness and identity. Web designers, by helping you deliver the right message and branding, along with coupling it with functionality and user experience, can achieve the positive experience you want with your clients and page viewers.

  • Will I find my website on the search engines?

    Our SEO prowess can also carry over on the websites we design, including yours, guaranteeing your website will be found in all search engines.

  • Will my website be mobile friendly?

    Yes, the website we design for you can be mobile-friendly, which means it can be utilised by any user whatever device they are using, whether it be mobile phone, tablet, desktops, or laptops.

  • Do you offshore your website design?

    Yes, the website we design for you can be mobile-friendly, which means it can be utilised by any user whatever device they are using, whether it be mobile phone, tablet, desktops, or laptops.

  • What web software (CMS) do you use to create websites?

    We use different CMS’s like Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Kentico, Umbraco etc.