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Technology continuously changes and it’s a challenge to stay on top of the latest innovations. As your software development partner, we're constantly keeping an eye out for the latest innovations and envadour to keep you updated so you can strive to stay relevan.

But great technology is only half the equation. We also bring our business acumen that allow us to be creative problem solvers. We will guide you through the software and app development process to help you create applications seamlessly. We are committed to enhancing your business through the right tools and services to ensure your long-term success.


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    Because the web application space is so vast, the path to creating a feature-rich application becomes significantly more difficult. Furthermore, selecting the correct platform for your web development project can be a daunting endeavor, as there are numerous frameworks available in the market - each with its own framework architecture. Java, Python, Javascript, and PHP are the most popular platforms, with Java and Python being at the top.

  • How can I find a suitable web application development company?

    It is always a wise idea to select a provider that meets your needs and budget. Here are some things to think about before hiring a web development business.

    • Determine what type of website you require.
    • Check your compatibility with your provider.
    • Determine the level of assistance required.
    • Look for a company that pays attention to detail.
    • Cost considerations - the company should be cost-effective
  • What different types of technologies do you use for your web application development?

    At Elephant In The Boardroom employ collective technologies for web application development based on the type of project and select the one that best fits your core values. We choose PHP, Node JS, Javascript, MySQL, and Elastic search for online and full stack projects. We use Drupal 8 and WordPress for e-commerce and CMS projects.

  • How do native and web apps differ?

    Native apps can be installed directly on your smartphone and do not require an internet connection. Web apps, on the other hand, operate through a browser and require an active internet connection.

  • HOW does a web application work?

    A web application works by the user sending a request to the web server, via the internet - either via a web browser or an application interface. Furthermore, the request is routed to the relevant web application server, which performs the required operation and returns the results to the web server. Finally, the web server responds to the client with the requested information, which is then shown on the user’s screen.

  • How much would it cost if I wanted to get a tailored web application?

    Unfortunately, this is not how software development works. We cannot provide an exact estimate on the price as it is dependent on numerous factors such as business niche, project deadline, expert search, and other extraneous factors. However, based on all of these factors, we can provide you with a quote. Talk to one of our experts today

  • Can you develop a progressive web application, if i needed it?

    Yes, we can create a progressive web application at your request. You can have a look at our web app products which can be installed on the user's home screen.


    The difference between a website and a web application is that a website allows users to browse and read visual and text content on a website. A web application, on the other hand, allows the user to not only read the content that is being displayed, but also manipulate the data.

  • HOW CAN web application development services benefit my business?

    A web application is essential for organising corporate tasks. It functions as a platform through which you can efficiently provide all of your products and services to your customers. The following are some known advantages:

    • Better efficiency and productive outputs.
    • Offers 24/7 accessibility to your customers.
    • Higher level of security
    • Easy to customize depending on your requirements.
  • DO YOU offer web application promotion and marketing services?

    Every business owner wants their website to remain as the top trafficking platform. Our team of website professionals are always available to provide you with the most successful strategies and solutions for promoting and marketing your web applications.

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