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Drupal is the most powerful and secure content management system available today. It gives you the flexibility to tailor applications to meet your business' needs, from security compliance through to bespoke content administration workflows.

Why is Drupal an amazing digital marketing platform?

  • It is reliable and has proven to be a stable content management system for years.
  • The available resources and modules have been developed by users and contributed to the Drupal community.
  • Drupal prides itself on its dynamic community extending support to newbies and other developers.
  • Considered as the most flexible content management system, Drupal allows you to build any website type and create content according to your style.
  • With Drupal, you can upgrade your existing Drupal core to a higher version. The natural structure and build of Drupal allow different modules to integrate well with the Drupal core, thereby enhancing the power of extending your Drupal website.
  • Drupal is an open source CMS, which means you can create a new module or edit an existing one.
  • Its built-in security has been meticulously tried and tested using strict security rules. From mobile-friendly websites, multi-language functionality, easy user interface for importing and exporting configurations, content creation and seamless integration with a variety of apps and services, Drupal can help you achieve better performance at reduced costs and increase user engagement.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is open source software?

    Open Source Software is a software that may be used for free and does not require the purchase of a license. You can use it to develop your own applications and solutions.

  • What Drupal content management system’s versions are supported?

    The official Drupal Security team now supports three main versions: Drupal 7 (will end in November 2022), Drupal 8 (will end in November 2021), and Drupal 9 (will end in 2023). When a major version hits the end of its life cycle, Long-Term Support suppliers come in to support and develop websites based on the no longer supported CMS version, rather than DrupalCore itself.

  • Is Drupal secure?

    Among other CMSs, Drupal is regarded for having the best security. Your website is highly safe if you install core Drupal upgrades on a regular basis. No one can guarantee your protection 100 percent of the time, but software and patch upgrades almost eliminate the possibility of a break-in.

  • What’s your expertise in Drupal? How many websites have you built?

    By the end of 2020, we will have completed over 300 websites of varying complexity. Our development services range from simple static content landing pages to high-load headless Drupal websites - our portfolio speaks for itself.

  • What development services do you provide?

    You can contact us for any Drupal work, including Drupal site development, Drupal upgrade / migration, Drupal website design, and Drupal website support.

  • Why choose Drupal as the Content Management System?

    Drupal's extensibility is one of its strongest features. While Drupal comes with a lot of features out of the box, its API and module-driven architecture make it easy for PHP developers to add additional features to meet their specific needs. In fact, Drupal has a significant number of “contrib” modules available for download that may be swiftly installed to add new capabilities to a site. These modules are usually based on code that was originally written to fit the needs of a single developer and then expanded to be maintained by the entire open-source community. One of Drupal's most appealing features is that it is free to use because it is an open-source project. Along with dozens other contrib modules, it can be downloaded for free from Drupal.org.

  • What is Drupal?

    Drupal is a database-backed open source web platform with a significant developer community from all over the world. It enables users to log in to the website backend based on their access levels and complete content management chores using custom-designed templates for each content type or page on your website. These kind of content allows you to enter text and upload photos into areas that will be structured and presented correctly on your public-facing website. As an administrator, you may regulate your content workflow by deciding which content categories specific users are authorised to view and enabling user roles. Managing your website's content with a Drupal CMS requires little to no experience of web application development. Because the content forms are aligned with the website style and layout during the initial site construction, adding new pages and items may be done without the need for extra developer assistance. Drupal Security is continuously evaluated by the Drupal community and security experts throughout the world as an open source tool. Drupal is used by government agencies, large enterprises, news organisations, non-profits, and numerous school districts and higher education institutions.

  • Why should you choose Drupal?

    You should choose Drupal because Drupal is a content management system that allows you to constantly improve your website.

  • Why use Elephant In The Boardroom for your Drupal Development?

    When a customer asks Elephant in the Boardroom to help them build a CMS like Drupal, we begin by understanding everything we can about their goals and needs. The adaptability and expandability of Drupal core functionality and third-party modules might allow a customer to go beyond their prior website's limitations. Elephant in the Boardroom will help you reach your goals through the building of a Drupal CMS based website if you need to update your website on a daily basis, maintain your message up to date, or generate powerful web content to capture online visitors through a Content Marketing plan.

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