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With over 63,000 searches per second on Google, if you don’t have an integrated digital marketing plan, you're missing out! We can help you create, develop and maintain an agile digital marketing strategy that will get customers clicking.

For a small business owner, we know you already have your hands full managing your operations while trying to grow your business. Add the stress of trying to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape and you can easily be overwhelmed.

Let us help you create, develop and maintain an agile digital strategy. We will walk you through the process of identifying your business objectives, understanding your customer’s buyer journey, and choosing the right digital tools and channels to acquire and retain customers. If you don’t have an integrated digital marketing plan you may be missing sales opportunities and leaving money on table.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Digital Strategy?

    Digital strategy is the approach of using technological ways and means by businesses to improve their performance over their competitors. This can be either creating new products or reinventing existing processes. It is also a system of processes or tactics undertaken by companies to ensure they are going in the right direction through integrating technology and digitalisation in their marketing strategies.

  • What digital marketing strategy is best?

    Every business has its own digital marketing strategies and approaches, so, you cannot guarantee that what works on one will also do the same on your end. But there is one thing sure - depending on your business, industry, and your budget, we can help you craft the most effective strategy for your business to achieve its goals. Whatever your goals are - to generate leads, boost promotions, drive in sales, or just looking to grow brand awareness, our competitive and committed team of marketing experts can get the job done for you through effective strategies that suit your company's objectives.

  • Why is having a digital strategy important?

    The internet has played a huge role in decision-making of its users. This is true especially when the topic of doing business through digital means is brought up. This is why having a digital strategy that can keep up with the current trends and customers' behaviour. According to Lauro Media and BrightEdge, around 51% of consumers make use of mobile devices to identify new brands and items on the market. If you digital strategy brings your business to more customers online, you'll surely win a lot of them, driving in sales and building loyalty in the process. Additionally, according to HubSpot and LinkedIn, 78% of salespeople engaged in digital approaches to marketing business (ex. social selling) are outselling their peers who do not engage in marketing their business digitally. This must already show you yet another importance of having a digital strategy in place for your business - it gives you a competitive edge over others. What makes these numbers even better is when you partner with one of Australia's leading digital marketing strategists - Elephant in the Boardroom! We pair your business goals with the best digital strategies that will surely bring in all sorts of positives for your business.

  • How do I start building a digital strategy?

    The most important element in building a digital strategy is, of course, to get digital first. Putting up a well-designed and user-friendly website coupled by some social media accounts are crucial to begin a working digital strategy. Upon getting onboard digitally, you must build around it - promote yourself or your business across multiple platforms, start engaging with your audience, find out what they love and what they dislike, and listen to their feedbacks. And, for more comprehensive and effective strategies towards your digital presence and reaching a wider digital audience, you can talk to us and let us bring your business to digital success.

  • Can an agency help my digital marketing strategy grow?

    Yes, of course! Whatever company or industry you belong to, Elephant in the Boardroom can take you to digital success! Our competitive team of digital marketing experts can integrate your business goals and objectives with the most effective digital strategies out there.

  • Why choose Elephant In The Boardroom for strategy?

    Our digital strategy services have helped a lot of businesses find their rightful places and turned them to industry leaders. Our strategies and approaches are based on the fact that the customers know what they deserve and that business must see to it they can satisfy it, so, we make sure to give both a focus in crafting our campaigns and deliver the best results for our clients.

  • How long does it take to get a digital strategy done?

    Digital strategies take time to get done. Plenty of time and research need to be taken into account before a digital strategy comes into full picture. It also depends on your business needs because not every business requires the same strategies. The overall process generally could take from 4 to 8 weeks of preparation, market research, client meetings, and other considerations.

  • I already have a strategy plan. Can you help me implement it?

    Yes. Elephant in the Boardroom can definitely help implement your strategy and put them into actions. We will help with your marketing campaigns and provide our digital marketing expertise to make sure you get the most out of your strategy plan.

  • I want business consulting and advice. Do you provide that?

    Yes. We are one-stop-shop digital marketing and consulting agency. We have a team of business consulting experts who can help envision your future and transform your business.

  • Digital Strategy Services in Melbourne

    Elephant in the Boardroom is a digital strategy service provider in Melbourne who can help you create, develop, and maintain an agile digital marketing strategy that will help you boost your business and get more conversions from your target customers.

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