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Just like in any business, operational downtimes and IT maintenance issues can be time consuming. However, with a dedicated IT HelpDesk and Managed Services, you can help reduce your downtime and maximise your IT services and functions.

At Elephant in the Boardroom, we understand that an optimised IT Helpdesk is an indispensable part of any organisation offering IT services. We provide management, monitoring and resolution of IT systems and functions as well as strategic IT decisions to help your business grow.

  • A scalable and cost-effective help desk support system
  • 24/7 IT support from our qualified IT professionals with proficiency in technology and debugging
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest market trends for your hardware upgrade and maintenance requirements
  • Latest IT helpdesk software to keep your systems on par with global standards
  • Single point of contact for IT Support
  • Fast and effective resolutions on incidents and issues by end users

Let your internal IT team focus on important strategic projects by outsourcing your service desk functions to us. Our aim is to help businesses enhance and improve each end user experience for customer satisfaction; streamline complaints, issues and diagnosis for improvement in product quality and productivity; and save on explicit costs by providing a general resolution centre. By outsourcing your IT services and functions to us, you can have access to a dynamic IT HelpDesk and Managed Service solutions fit for your needs and demands. Thereby, increasing your efficiency to result in higher productivity.


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