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Often when people hear “content writing” they think articles, blogs, opinion pieces or website pages filled with keywords Google will like. However, there is more to content writing. Let us explain.

Website content writing involves strategic planning, writing, and revising your content, often with the goal of establishing a stronger online presence and following.

It’s import you don’t hold back, tell your story, ask for a sale and ultimately be bold enough to not only grab your customers attention – but be memorable. You can only do this with a well-thought-out story. Story telling isn’t new. It goes back thousands and thousands of years. Why do we still use it? It’s simple – it works! SEO content production is closely connected with content creativity. You want to move your customers down the sales funnel with each word you write.

In order to connect with your customers, we use a combination of direct-response sales copy and engaging, soft-sell, valuable ad copy.

Elephant in the Boardroom is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to each and every one of its clients. We’re all in it together. Your success - is our success. Using our SEO-friendly content creation services is an important component of taking your business to the new level. Let’s talk.

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Content Writing Services in Melbourne Tailored to your Business

87% of marketers produce content for different stages of the customer journey.

When it comes to offering value to your audience and establishing a robust content marketing strategy, knowing which format works best at each step is important.

When it comes to offering value to your audience and establishing a robust content marketing strategy, knowing which format works best at each step is important.We aim to:

✔ Increase traffic
✔ Drive engagement
✔ Convert leads into customers

At Elephant in the Boardroom - we strive to perform and deliver the best in quality. We adapt to your brand's distinctive voice through extensive research before any writing is started. After that, we'll seamlessly integrate new SEO-optimised content writing into the rest of your site.

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Helping You Build A Strong Connection

While keywords are still the best way to attract traffic, the problem arises when you overcrowd your material with keywords.
In order to push your website to the top of the search results, Elephant in the Boardroom content writing team works closely together with our SEO specialists. Page length, keyword placement, and internal linking structures are all factors we consider when creating content to guarantee that it is well-received by Google and your audience.

With us, you can rest assured that your audience will be entertained. Writers assigned to your project will write content that's easy to comprehend. In order to keep visitors engaged, we use attention-grabbing titles and layouts that mimic the usual user's eye movement.


We’re Not All-Talk. We Deliver Numbers.

As marketers, we live for results and numbers. Our copywriting services continually impress our clients - we get the formula perfect almost every time. (No-one’s perfect, but we try!)
Elephant in the Boardroom is here to join your team to support you with all your digital marketing needs.

✔ Fast Deliverables – We’ll send content on time.
✔ Open To Revisions – We'll keep working on it until you're satisfied.
✔ SEO Content Writing – We build your ranking, while still being clear with your message.
✔ Full Strategy – Content creation is a component of a bigger SEO strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of content marketing?

    Content marketing's purpose is to attract and grow a certain target audience. You should strive to positively influence your customers' behaviour toward your business or brand through content marketing. The ultimate goal is for customers to feel truly engaged.

  • Does content marketing really work?

    Yes, it is! Many people believe content marketing to be the ‘gold standard' in marketing since it helps consumers and prospects understand your business, the problems you solve, and how you deliver value before they even contemplate buying from you.

  • What kind of content marketing is best?

    We believe in the kind that is appropriate to your business. When determining a content marketing strategy for you, we examine and create all sorts of content marketing that have the potential to attract customers or feed your sales staff. You can use blog articles, infographics, white papers, ebooks, and videos as examples.

  • What is a content marketing strategy?

    Content marketing strategy is a strategy for increasing the size of your company's audience. It lays out a strategy for regularly publishing, updating, and disseminating content. Strangers should be educated, entertained, or inspired to become clients by using this information.

  • Why is content marketing important?

    By allowing you to communicate with and educate your consumers and leads through content marketing, you can enhance conversions. You'll not only be working to create relationships and trust, but you'll also be boosting conversions by providing them with the information they need to make an informed purchase.

  • How effective is content marketing?

    Content marketing is about 62 percent less expensive than outbound marketing, yet it can create more than three times the number of leads. Because content marketing is cost-effective, simple to implement, and popular with customers, it can help you save money on advertising.

  • What makes your content marketing strategy agency better than the rest?

    With us, every component of your website's content flow will be laced with the magical SEO content strategy keynote ranking signals, ensuring that your business communications are not only perceived as authoritative, but also able to stand out among others in Google and other search engines' first page results. We can quickly transform old content that is lacking in relevancy into industry-leading editorial masterpieces that will drive relevant traffic for years to come when we collaborate with our clients.

  • What content types are included with your seo content marketing services?

    First and foremost, our clients are seeking for new clients, which is why the client facing services/category pages on their website are the first place we look. Because there is no silver bullet, a lot of research is done, such as analysing a client's existing content assets, auditing competitors to uncover content gaps (which are then added to a list of prospect opportunities on our SEO content marketing services project tracker), and much more. The choice of armament for a client project is driven by this approach, and content assets include optimised landing page copy, infographics, history timelines, video media, eBooks, and more.

  • With your seo content strategy, what guarantees of success are there?

    While there is no such thing as a guarantee in SEO, we are so confident in the success rates of delivering a solid SEO content strategy that we are willing to agree to custom pay-per-performance SEO campaigns that are 100 percent aligned with your best interests and put you in the driver's seat from the start. If you contact your account manager at any point during our relationship and tell us about your next big content break, we'll outline the best approach and eliminate risk so we can focus on demonstrating how effective our content marketing strategy services are - we're confident we'll hit the mark and quickly move on to other aspects of your business.

  • Who will be responsible for content development?

    The content required for a successful SEO content strategy focuses not just on creating amazing content, but also content prepared with keyword strategy in mind, and this requires some education for a customer to grasp the value prior to content.

  • Will a content strategy work for my business?

    Yes. When a customer is considering buying your product or service, they typically conduct extensive research, which includes reading, listening to, or downloading content that will answer their questions and concerns, as well as provide them with ideas for additional items they didn't realise they required. We know you know your business and would trust you, but a potential consumer who is just getting acquainted with your brand may require a little more persuasion. While you can establish yourself as an authority within your industry by having quality content across your product and service pages, as well as through a blog and other forms of content, you can also establish yourself as an authority within your industry by having quality content across your product and service pages, as well as through a blog and other forms of content. Quality content that is not only engaged with but also shared and linked back to provide trust signals to Google from a digital marketing perspective. It demonstrates to Google and other search engines that your site is a trustworthy and reputable source of information. It's an important part of any SEO strategy because it can use relevant keywords to direct people to connected items and services. You might be astonished to learn that no one wants to read, watch, or listen to anything about your sector.

  • How does content marketing support my overall marketing?

    Quality content will help you to boost your site's authority, trust, and expertise, all of which contribute to a higher search engine rating. Quality eye-catching and attention-getting content can help you build a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

  • How you measure content performance?

    We can consistently improve the performance of each campaign by using powerful tracking and optimisation technologies as we collect additional audience data, conversion information, and sales results.

  • How do you develop a content promotion strategy?

    Promotion of your content is an important part of a successful digital strategy. Each form of material will have its own method and promotion. We believe in leveraging native content, public relations, and influencer engagement to cross-promote material and revisit prior content to generate evergreen content that can be reused over and over. Facebook and Instagram: These popular social networking networks will give you a variety of ways to communicate with others. With the appropriate solutions, you can make your videos stand out and be more appealing. Make your videos more vibrant and appealing to more viewers by implementing the greatest amplification strategies.

  • What are the different forms of content?
    • Articles: From 500 to 2,000 words, well-researched and interesting material on topics relevant to your audience.
    • Blogs: A component of your website that can feature movies, links, infographics, and checklists, as well as frequent industry information and personal views.
    • Guides: A comprehensive and factual resource focused on a well-researched topic or problem.
    • eBooks: An educational resource that can be used for lead generating and marketing purposes, as well as to help present customers or clients with their problems.
    • Checklists: These are a quick and easy method to provide value to your audience, and they can be downloaded from your website, shared on social media, or included in email marketing campaigns.
    • Interviews: Answers to frequently asked issues and topics of interest to your target demographic that can help your consumers see things from a different perspective.
    • Podcasts: A terrific approach to grow your brand's following, and it contains regular installments that your subscribers may receive automatically.
    • Video Series: Creating a video series for your audience is a very engaging type of marketing that will help you achieve cut through with the growing popularity of video.
    • FAQs: A list of frequently asked questions about themes and regions that your consumers should think about. Customer service and internal resource management can both benefit from this.
    • Infographics: This is a terrific way to graphically convey a topic in a nice way on your website, and it's also a great visual resource to share on social media.
  • Do I need to worry about SEO if I’m already doing content marketing?

    Content and SEO are inextricably linked. Your Google rankings will improve if you use content as a major element of your search engine marketing effort. Google's algorithm is continuously changing, and the company values unique, innovative material above everything else. In 2016, outstanding quality content accounted for an ever-increasing share of Google's ranking factors. The following are some of the ways that content influences your search engine optimisation: It boosts your social media stats — no one shares uninteresting, unrelated information! omit the period mark. Users interact with your material depending on how good it is, as seen by user, usage, and traffic/query date. For example, traffic/usage indications from browsers/toolbars/clickstream/query quantity and CTR. Keyword usage at the domain level, such as exact-match keyword domains and partial keyword matches. Features of domain-level link authority. The number of links pointing to a domain that provide trust and authority example Page rank. Finally, if you develop your own content, you will not be penalised by Google!

  • Who will even engage with my content?

    You must first have a thorough understanding of the audience you are targeting in order to produce engaging and enjoyable content that is relevant to your customers. You'll be able to develop targeted and relevant content that speaks directly to these clients if you profile them. Depending on your industry and business, you may have several ‘customers,' each with its own unique profile, necessitating the creation of content that speaks directly to them rather than being too general. Asking yourself some questions about your clients and writing out a profile or persona for each of them that depicts their life and the way they act is a terrific method to think about them.

  • What is content marketing?

    Information marketing allows brands to generate and distribute high-quality, value content that is timely, relevant, and consistent. Its goal is to use videos, blog posts, and social media to attract and keep an audience, ultimately causing the consumer to become more interested in the products or services on a more subtle level. The ultimate goal of these actions is to generate profit, and they aren't as "salesy" as other channels.

  • When should content marketing be used?

    When you want to take controlled measures to improve sales, retain customers, and promote your brand, content marketing is the way to go. However, rather than a harsh sell, it should be utilised to educate and nurture your audience.

  • What is content marketing, and why is it important?

    This strategy is vital because it allows your brand to establish itself as an authority that can be relied upon. As a result, trust between you and the consumer grows, allowing you to form stronger bonds with your target audience and produce more revenue in the future.

  • How does content marketing help businesses?

    Overall, content marketing boosts conversions by allowing you to connect with your customers and establish the trust they need to interact with your product or service. While it is a long-term plan that employs a number of content types, it is a far more valuable and loyal method to marketing that consumers naturally engage with.

  • How does content marketing generate leads?

    When done correctly, reducing barriers and providing content through marketing generates leads that convert. For example, in exchange for their email address, you may provide a discount or an incentive (known as lead generation).

  • What does content marketing include?

    At our agency, we recommend that our clients use a number of content marketing methods. Videos, infographics, webpages, podcasts, books, applications, presentations, and paid ad marketing are just a few examples. Each has a purpose and contributes to the brand recognition that you hoped to attain through content marketing.

  • How does content marketing work?

    This type of marketing works by converting visitors into consumers by employing the appropriate brand techniques. Its goal is to educate your audience, increase brand awareness, and broaden your reach in order to acquire leads. It works by addressing queries from your audience and keeping them updated about your product or service.

  • Is content marketing digital marketing?

    Although both lie under the same banner, there are some variations between digital marketing and content marketing. The difference is that content marketing focuses on creating particular content for engagement with their audience – blogs, social media posts, graphics, and so on – whereas digital marketing focuses on turning followers into purchases.

  • Why is content marketing important for business?

    Because it addresses questions that your potential customers may have, content marketing is an important tool for businesses. Our firm assists you in developing a relationship with your target audience, resulting in better dialogues and connections, which lead to more leads. Consumers want high-quality interactions with the brands they care about.

  • Is content marketing effective?

    Content marketing continues to produce significant gains for businesses, including constant and high-quality engagement with your audience. It works mostly because it establishes trust between your brand and your customers, resulting in more leads and higher conversion rates. Enquire with our staff to learn more!

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