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Often when people hear “content writing” they think articles, blogs, opinion pieces or website pages filled with keywords Google will like. However, there is more to content writing. Let us explain.

Website content writing involves strategic planning, writing, and revising your content, often with the goal of establishing a stronger online presence and following.

It’s import you don’t hold back, tell your story, ask for a sale and ultimately be bold enough to not only grab your customers attention – but be memorable. You can only do this with a well-thought-out story. Story telling isn’t new. It goes back thousands and thousands of years. Why do we still use it? It’s simple – it works! SEO content production is closely connected with content creativity. You want to move your customers down the sales funnel with each word you write.

In order to connect with your customers, we use a combination of direct-response sales copy and engaging, soft-sell, valuable ad copy.

Elephant in the Boardroom is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to each and every one of its clients. We’re all in it together. Your success - is our success. Using our SEO-friendly content creation services is an important component of taking your business to the new level. Let’s talk.

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Content Writing Services in Melbourne Tailored to your Business

87% of marketers produce content for different stages of the customer journey.

When it comes to offering value to your audience and establishing a robust content marketing strategy, knowing which format works best at each step is important.

When it comes to offering value to your audience and establishing a robust content marketing strategy, knowing which format works best at each step is important. We aim to:

✔ Increase traffic
✔ Drive engagement
✔ Convert leads into customers

At Elephant in the Boardroom - we strive to perform and deliver the best in quality. We adapt to your brand's distinctive voice through extensive research before any writing is started. After that, we'll seamlessly integrate new SEO-optimised content writing into the rest of your site.

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Helping You Build A Strong Connection

While keywords are still the best way to attract traffic, the problem arises when you overcrowd your material with keywords.
In order to push your website to the top of the search results, Elephant in the Boardroom content writing team works closely together with our SEO specialists. Page length, keyword placement, and internal linking structures are all factors we consider when creating content to guarantee that it is well-received by Google and your audience.

With us, you can rest assured that your audience will be entertained. Writers assigned to your project will write content that's easy to comprehend. In order to keep visitors engaged, we use attention-grabbing titles and layouts that mimic the usual user's eye movement.


We’re Not All-Talk. We Deliver Numbers.

As marketers, we live for results and numbers. Our copywriting services continually impress our clients - we get the formula perfect almost every time. (No-one’s perfect, but we try!)
Elephant in the Boardroom is here to join your team to support you with all your digital marketing needs.

✔ Fast Deliverables – We’ll send content on time.
✔ Open To Revisions – We'll keep working on it until you're satisfied.
✔ SEO Content Writing – We build your ranking, while still being clear with your message.
✔ Full Strategy – Content creation is a component of a bigger SEO strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Content Marketing?

    The primary purpose of content marketing is to attract and grow your target audience. Through content marketing, you should strive to positively influence your customer's behaviour towards your company or brand. Customers should feel genuinely engaged and their needs are recognised.

  • Does Content Marketing really work?

    It sure does! Many people consider content marketing to be the “gold standard” in marketing because it helps consumers and prospects understand your company, the problems you solve, and how you provide value through your products and services. Companies that utilise content marketing see approximately 30% business growth compared to businesses that are not using it.

  • What is the most effective type of Content Marketing?

    We believe that the best type of content marketing is tailored to your business. We examine and create all types of content that have the potential to attract customers or feed your sales team with quality leads. Some examples:

    • Blog articles
    • Infographics
    • Short and long-form videos
    • Social media posts and stories
  • What does a Content Marketing Strategy entail?

    A content marketing strategy is used to grow your audience by publishing, maintaining and disseminating frequent and consistent content that educates, entertains and inspires users to become followers or customers.

  • Why is implementing a Content Marketing strategy important?

    Content marketing is important for all businesses because it helps to build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions, and generate high-quality leads by providing your audiences with solutions to their problems. The modern-day customer expects high-quality and consistent content from their favourite brands.

  • Why should I work with Team Elephant to create a content marketing strategy?

    When you work with Team Elephant, you can rest assured that every component of your website’s content flow will be interlaced with the magical SEO content strategy keynote ranking signals. Helping to ensure that your business communications are not only perceived as authoritative but also capable of standing out among others in Google and other SERPs. When we collaborate with our clients, we can quickly transform old, irrelevant content into industry-leading editorial masterpieces that will drive relevant traffic. We also stay up to date with the latest digital trends, ensuring that your content is innovative and show-stopping.

  • how can we guarantee success with your SEO content strategy

    Team Elephant has a dedicated team of content ninjas who specialise in curating content aligned with brand guidelines. Our content team also prepares a tailored keyword strategy to further optimise your content strategy.

  • How will a content marketing strategy complement my other marketing activities?

    Content marketing can help to build your online presence and support other digital marketing activities such as Google ads, lead generation, lead conversion and SEO efforts.

  • How do you measure content performance?

    At Elephant In The Boardroom we use several metrics to determine how well a piece of content is performing - traffic, conversions, engagement, SEO performance, and authority. Content performance on social media can be measured using valuable insights such as reach, shares and likes, comments and saves. With actionable metrics in place, you’ll be able to identify the types of content that work for you while also identifying opportunities for those that don’t.

  • How do you create a content promotion strategy?

    At Elephant In The Boardroom we break our content promotion strategy development into 11 stages:

    • Set your mission and goals
    • Establish your KPIs
    • Develop an understanding of your target audience
    • Access your current position in the industry
    • Establish the best content channels
    • Decide on the right content types
    • Identify and allocate resources
    • Create a content calendar
    • Create content
    • Distribute and market
    • Measure and review.
  • What are the various types of content that can be used in a promotion strategy
    • Articles
    • Blogs
    • Guides
    • eBooks
    • Checklists
    • Interviews
    • Podcasts
    • Short-form videos
    • FAQs
    • Infographics
    • Graphics
  • Should I be concerned about SEO if I already do content marketing?

    SEO and content marketing are inextricably linked and require consistency. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and prioritised unique and innovative content above all else. Having a consistent and well-planned content strategy can help you rank higher on SERPs.

  • Who will my content target?

    The team of content ninjas at Elephant In The Boardroom create tailored content with the main target audience in mind. We will conduct a thorough target market analysis to determine your ideal consumer’s needs, wants, and pain points. This will be reflected throughout your content promotion strategy.

  • Who is responsible for the development of content?

    This strategy is vital because it allows your brand to establish itself as an authority that can be relied upon. As a result, trust between you and the consumer grows, allowing you to form stronger bonds with your target audience and produce more revenue in the future.

  • Is content marketing the same as digital marketing?

    Both content and digital marketing fall under the same umbrella, but there are some differences between the two. Content marketing focuses on creating specific content for audience engagement - whereas digital marketing focuses on converting followers into making a purchase.

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