2020 Top Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

There’s no dethroning content as the king of digital marketing. If anything, it’s expected to hit some more high notes in 2020, careening towards a worth of more than 400 billion dollars

Content marketing works; it has been proven time and time again as a strategy that can do wonders for lots of brand. 72% of marketers have reported that their content marketing has quantifiably increased prospect engagement.

With its undeniable value in business, content marketing will only get savvier in 2020. And as we draw closer to the auspicious New Year, it’s just right to anticipate the top content marketing trends to help us gear our brand in the right direction.

Which trends should we watch out for? Let’s have a look:

2020 Top Content Marketing Trend #1: Dynamic Forms of Imagery

Compelling images are still a thing, there’s no doubt about that. But 2020 will become more welcoming for images with visual-forward qualities.

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the content trends worth exploring in 2020. Currently, this is already available in Snapchat but there are creators you can hire for personalised filters and lenses. Another trend that is about to get bigger is the creation of own GIFs. Giphy has made it possible for users to create their own GIFs and even GIF themselves instead of pulling reaction GIFs online.

Social media platforms Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat will dominate the use of dynamic and interactive images to be consumed by teen users. YouTube will outperform Facebook in content consumption among adults.

2020 Top Content Marketing Trend #2: Video Storytelling

Videos have become important key players in content marketing and there are statistics to back it up.

  • 72% of people prefer watching videos when learning about a product or service than reading about it.

  • According to HubSpot, 56% of 25 to 24 years old users and 54% of 35 to 44 years old users want more video content from brands they support.

  • 62% of consumers consume video content thoroughly.

One of the reasons video continue to rise is because they are easy to consume. They are big deals today and will become even more popular in 2020.

Customers and business leaders both benefit from the value of a great storytelling through videos. For marketers, this means we have to find ways to set our video content apart from the rest. How do we do this? Tell exceptional and engaging stories that invoke emotional responses from your readers and develop trust in your brand.

2020 Top Content Marketing Trend #3: Expertise, Authority and Trust in Your Content

Google likes articles or content pieces created by people who have proven their E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This was highlighted during the algorithm update last August 2019 where Google singled out E-A-T as a factor in good ranking.

With that said, 2020 will see more efforts from marketers in focusing on creating content with a certain level of expertise, authority, and trust. To achieve this, here are some of the tips you can apply to your content strategy:

  • Provide credentials on your website that justifies your E-A-T.

  • Get quality reviews.

  • Link out to authoritative sources for stats and data support.

  • Make sure your website and your content are regularly updated.

Don’t be left out in the dust as 2020 approaches. Improving your E-A-T highly matters in translating your content into better rankings and traffic.  

2020 Top Content Marketing Trend #4: Content with Highest Quality

The internet is getting busier each day and it’s becoming overly saturated with content. There is an overwhelming amount of content being posted every single day.

Take this: every minute there are 1,400 blogs posted, over 2 million bits pieces of content shared on Facebook, and 72 hours of videos uploaded on Youtube. With these staggering numbers, how is your content going to cut above the noise?

The answer is creating content with the highest quality possible. In relation to Trend #3, Google is now aiming to provide users with most relevant search results that’s why your content needs to be more exceptional than ever.

You’ll need to bring your top game as early as now to win the hearts of your readers and the SERPs. You need to understand what makes of a high-quality content – consistency, better research, more depth, better visuals, clear purpose, and better writing. Producing such is by no means an easy task. But more and more people are now trying to break into the content noise and are adding their values to the mix. By 2020, mediocre content will not be tolerated anymore.

2020 Top Content Marketing Trend #5: Personalised Content

A personalised content allows you to speak to the hearts of your online users. But are we creating enough personalised content?

Currently, there are only 32% of marketers who think that the industry is doing right in terms of personalised experiences. What does this imply?

There is an ample room for improvement in honing content personalisation strategies. In 2020, you need to improve the way you target your audience or readers to deliver more in-depth content pieces. This could mean a more meticulous process of segmentation to efficiently meet the needs and interests of your audience. Once this process is improved, you’ll be able to provide better experiences with content pieces created purposefully for specific readers.


Final Thoughts

2020 will definitely see more marketers pushing their boundaries in content creation. Competition is about to get pumping so better get your strategies hot and ready.

Focus on making your content more visually appealing than before. Level up your video storytelling and don’t be afraid to experiment. Be an expert of your own creation, exercise authority and be truthful. Always aim to create content with high quality. And lastly, connect with your audience on a personal level.

In 2020, the content that will stand out is the one created by innovative minds who are unafraid to get out of their comfort zones.


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