3 Tips for Powerful & Effective Visual Content

If you’re a business owner, you’ve definitely come across the buzz words “content is king”. Powerful and effective visual content has the ability to covert leads into customers 6 times more than any other method. However, between saturated online platforms and your audience being presented with "information overload" and diminishing concentrations levels, how can you capture your audiences before their attention is snapped up by your local and global competitors?

What is key for Powerful & Effective Visual Content?

Does your website have a striking landing page that will hold your visitor's attention for longer than seven seconds? Powerful and effective visual content is easier and faster for our brains to process, feeding our fast pace scrolling and viewing habits. This can lead to longer interactions and increased engagements on your website. This will help you increase your search rankings on search engine page results.

Onespot Statistics regarding the effectiveness of visual content

Messages communicated by visual elements such as the colour scheme and style on your website will tell your story and be accepted or rejected by potential customers knocking on the door of your online home. It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression, make them count by creating powerful and effective visual content that is engaging, authentic and relevant to your audience. The challenge faced by many is how to effective engage your audience within those mere seven seconds and win you another minute to really tell your story.

How can you use the power of effective visual content on your website?

1. Use Images

Everybody loves pretty pictures and it’s no secret that the imagery on your website has a great attention grabbing authority over your online visitors. Images represents a thousand words and allows for a greater understanding of your business, so it is more understandable if you tell story with the photos on your website but you have to make sure that the imagery that will display is a high quality and unique to your business.

2. Video Implementation

If a picture paints a thousand words, then videos paint a million. Videos use movement to bring your website to life! It is a powerful story telling tool keeps your visitors engaged long enough to show them how you can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. On top of this, videos = longer dwell times which search engines interpret as increased relevance, leading to increased search engine rankings.

3. Application of Charts and Graphs

Using data sets on your website increases the credibility of your site and can be presented in a well-designed graph or infographic. This allows audiences to consume statistics in a visual, more understandable way. With these 3 tips, you should be able to capture your audiences’ attention online.

As visual content can create a lasting and enduring impression of your brand, always ensure that your content is an authentic presentation of who you are and what you can do for them.

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