5 Instagram Reel Ideas To Do Without A Camera Crew

Lights, camera, action! It is time to create some reels.

Oops, but you have just realised that you don’t have anyone to turn your great ideas into Reels. We know that making Reels is one of the top priorities within the Instagram algorithm, and creating interesting content requires a lot of time and resources. 

But don’t worry - you can still come up with awesome Instagram reels without a camera crew. Here are 5 simple Instagram Reel ideas that work well for most businesses, and can be recorded and edited by you!

5 Simple Instagram Reel Ideas

1. Tutorials

Tutorials are among the most popular types of content across all social media platforms. Brands benefit from tutorial-style content because it enables them to promote their products and services while also creating high-quality content. Not to mention that, with the popularity of video content on the rise, viewers appear to favour this type of content - which is always a plus! 

Short form videos allow for the ease of creation and allow you to really let your brand personality shine bright! Add your own creative flair by adding a voiceover to your tutorial or use trending audio.

Take a look at this superb example of a reel tutorial:


2. Teasers

Curiosity drives human nature and impulse - that is why creating teaser content can be very effective. Think about the month of December. Everyone is preparing for Christmas and the end of year festivities, (and sometimes we think, the lead up is more exciting than the actual day!) The silly season makes people feel like they belong to something greater, and guess what? Your followers want to feel the same way!

It is unnecessary to make your reel super long or over complicated - all you need to do is make it interesting and catchy. You can even sync your clips to the sound that you would like to use. Instagram has also recently added Reel Templates - which further simplifies the process of creating reels.

Here’s a super fun and interactive way to showcase what your team gets up to on a day to day basis:


3. Customer Reviews 

Did you know that 93% of customers check out other customer reviews, before making a purchase? This also applies to service based companies in all different industries.

Posting testimonials is an easy way to promote your brand and a great way to show what satisfied customers are saying about it! Add a few transitions and some stand out graphics (following your brand design palette, of course) and you now have a great new reel to post.

Here is a fun and engaging way to showcase customer reviews: 


4. Industry Related Content

Whether you add a touch of humour or keep your content strictly educational - your content should be consistent, allowing you to draw steady viewers to your page. You essentially want to make sure you are drawing in an audience that is genuinely interested in what you have to offer. 

TIP: Provide your audience with handy tips and tricks that will make their life a whole lot easier. 

5. Show off your business

Showing off some behind the scenes content, team info, funny videos and images, and other random bits and bobs related to your business is a great way to help humanise your brand. It also gives your viewers a sneak peek at how your company operates behind the scenes, enabling them to connect with your brand on a deeper level and reaffirming their sense of inclusion.

This type of content is super easy to create, and you can get the whole team involved - the more the merrier. Remember, stay true to your brand values and culture!

Check out this cool way of showing some BTS content on team nights: 


Instagram Reels are powerful at sharing your story, connecting with your brand’s audience, and demonstrating your brand’s image consistency. Whether you have the assistance of a video crew or not, creating high-quality and cohesive content is not that hard with these Instagram Reel ideas. Unleash your inner creativity and let your brand’s personality shine through! And, most importantly, have fun!

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