6 Reasons Why You Should Use QR Codes in Your Marketing

We’re sure by now you have seen those funky black and white codes everywhere from digital prints, books, signposts, restaurants, malls, websites and well, literally everywhere. Not needing any introduction, QR Codes or Quick Response Codes, are all about accessing everything in a flash. 

QR Codes have a come a long way since 1994 and they are quickly becoming an effective marketing tactic to promote interaction and engagement.   The codes are read and scanned using mobile devices, and users can instantly access information, learn about a product or service, make payments, write reviews, and so much more.

If you haven’t tapped into QR Codes for your marketing strategy, it’s about to change now. We’re giving you 6 strong reasons why you should use QR Codes in your Marketing.

1. Direct your Customers to Your Landing Page / Website

Customising a QR Code with a unique URL to your landing page can potentially increase your page traffic and sign up. It gives the customers direct access instead of going through the usual process and navigating around your website to get to the page they are after.

2. Direct your Customers to your Social Media Pages

Social media platforms today allow you to customise your account’s QR Code so they can fit your brand. When scanned, they’re instantly directed to your social media pages where they can hit the follow button. These QR Codes can also bridge the digital and retail gap by printing them out and using them in-person.

3. Provide Product Information

QR Codes can store data of more than 7,000 characters and can be read more than 10 times faster  than your regular barcodes. With that, QR Codes can definitely make up for what you can’t put in your product package. Add QR Codes into your product packaging and product print outs such as flyers, catalogues and brochures for your customers to learn more about the product. These QR Codes can be directed to the product landing page, a customised PDF, or a promotional video.

4. View your Business Location

A QR Code takes the hassle out of manually searching for an online map to check for your location. Your customers can just pull out their phone and scan the QR Code on your website. It’s that easy!

5. Shopping and Ecommerce

As online shopping can sometimes prove to be a hassle, the use of QR Codes has become an effective way to boost your marketing results in eCommerce and online shopping. There are a lot of creative ways to do it:

  • Using a QR Code, direct your customers to your shopping site to increase your traffic and sales. Place them on your products, shopping tags and thank you cards.
  • Make your loyal customers happy and create a giveaway panel using QR Codes. To do this, you can use a Multi-URL QR Code and set prizes that excite your customers.
  • To increase your customer’s positive experience in your online shopping store, you can also create an easy add-to-cart QR Code for some products. By providing this unique QR code, your online shoppers can easily check the product instead of searching for them in the shopping platform.

6. Ask for Reviews and Feedback

Encourage reviews from your customers to improve your customer satisfaction and rating. With a dedicated URL for your reviews site, you can post a QR Code on your physical store, doors, signage, tables or menus, or include them in your email marketing. The code will automatically take your customers to your review site so they can leave their feedback more conveniently.

Bonus : QR Codes Best Practices

QR Codes truly are convenient to use especially in this age where online users don’t have time for anything slow and time consuming. For businesses, it’s a new way to improve our marketing funnel. But there are some best practices to keep in mind to ensure the way you use QR Codes in your marketing is effective.

  • Don’t forget to add a Call-to-Action near your QR Code to emphasize its purpose.
  • Use QR Codes to provide better experiences for your customers and aid in your marketing.
  • Spice up your QR Codes and inject your own brand so they look more engaging and attractive.
  • Measure your QR Code success by periodically tracking your codes.

If you see QR Codes as something that would benefit your business, then it’s worth giving them a try. Elephant in the Boardroom is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne with experts in the latest digital marketing trends and QR Codes are just one of the innovations we help you with. Let’s see how we can use QR Codes to your advantage.

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