7 Basic Gen Z Marketing Tips in 2022 And Beyond

Knowing your audience is one of the fundamental marketing principles that must be understood when creating a brand - particularly for Gen Zers. To truly capture the loyalty of this generation, more than just traditional selling techniques are required.

Did you know that Generation Z is now the largest living generation, overtaking Millennials, making up 40% of global consumers? The generation was born between 1996 and 2014 and is becoming more value-conscious and are drawn to brands that "keep it real."

Generation Z is one of the most powerful consumer groups in the market today, with $143 Billion in spending power! This increases the importance of Gen Z marketing, and brands should not miss out on capturing the attention of this creative and bold audience.

So how do you reach and connect with the Gen Z market in 2022 and beyond? Well keep on reading:

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Get To Know Generation Z

Born between 1996 and 2009, Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever. They are also on track to be the most educated generation to date, and they have more than $140 billion of spending power. Can u believe it?

These digital natives are more likely to purchase from brands that have transparent values, a large online community, and a diverse customer base. The way to capture this audience’s attention is to create interesting content through targeted digital strategies.

Labels and traditions are a thing of the past with this group, and they consider all of their options before making a decision. Activism is also a strong trait that this generation possesses and Greta Thunberg and other young activists are some well-known role models. Gen Zers' shopping preferences are driven by their values and are more likely to shop from places that align with them.

Gen Z has also given rise to the modern day “Influencer”. Influencers use a variety of digital platforms, including Facebook and TikTok, but Instagram is still the most popular. So much so that 16% of Gen Z’ers prefer to eat at a specific restaurant and 18% prefer to attend an event due to its “Instagrammable” nature. Gen Z looks for high quality and easy-to-use products, exceptional customer service and a quirky user experience.

Important Gen Z Marketing Tips

As digital natives, Generation Z knows exactly how to train social media algorithms. This generation also has the most control over the content they see (or don't see) online. Here are some Generation Z marketing tips to help your business stay connected with these young consumers.

1. Be authentic & share values

Due to the nature of Gen Z’ers being accustomed to fake brands, it can be difficult to gain their trust. Company culture is important to Generation Z, and your brand's internal and external values should be reflected.

​​Establishing your brand's values and communicating them effectively is key to connecting with Gen Z. Socially responsible brands are preferred by 55% of Generation Z consumers, who actively seek them out. Gen Zers are 3x more likely than older generations to believe a company can help improve society. The best way to engage any consumer is to speak directly to their interests.

Captivate Gen Z's attention with an authentic brand mission that aligns with its values.

2. Show your brand personality

Gen Z consumers are naturally attracted to brands that have a strong voice and personality.

Gen Z gravitates towards brands that stand out from the crowd and embrace their own uniqueness. 38% prefer advertisements that are relevant to their browsing history or entertainment preferences. Overt advertisements tend to bore Gen Z’ers, so creating personalised ads can help break through the noise.

3. Make personalised and engaging content

When it comes to Gen Z marketing, each platform necessitates a distinct strategy. Because short-form videos, lives and story posts are high valued, incorporate them into your content calendar.

The average attention span of Generation Z is 8 seconds - how short, right? Use your Instagram or Snapchat account (or even Facebook) to create quick advertisements with minimal content.

Generation Z prefers personalised, well-thought-out interactions in comparison to generic ones. Consider showcasing your creative flair with your product or service promotion by creating content that is both useful and entertaining, yet stands out from the crowd.

4. Appear in platforms they use

Unlike Millennials, Generation Z has had quick and easy access to the Internet and social media for the majority of their lives.

Having a solid, well-thought out marketing strategy can assist a brand in reaching their target Gen Z audience. Majority of the generation discover news and world events through social media - with Instagram and Youtube being the most popular channels. 

5. Optimise your mobile platforms

Almost 80% of teenagers got their first smartphone between 11 and 13 years old. Ensure that you are mobile optimised, as even you won’t just be upsetting Gen Zers, but also Google! Mobile friendly content can boost your SEO and provide Gen Zers with an easy way to access your content.

Most of the time, Gen Z shoppers use their phones to make purchases online. Making site responsiveness a top priority within your eCommerce marketing strategy is a sure fire way to reach those Gen Z big spenders.

Remember to keep your viral marketing and video content vertically to ensure easy mobile access.

6. Venture in video marketing

More than 60% of TikTok users are from, guess what, Generation Z. Millennials prefer to consume content, whereas Generation Z prefers to create it. Videos can also be used to promote your business on your website, social media, and email marketing campaigns. With a good video marketing strategy, you can help spark users’ interest, build brand loyalty, and expand your business.

7. Build a community

Building a digital community is integral to your Gen Z marketing strategy. Seek users that have a unique platform and who embody your brand’s values. This will help strengthen your sense of community while building trust in your brand. As mentioned earlier, brand trust is extremely important for the Gen Z audience.


For more than a decade, digital marketing campaigns have been heavily aimed at Millennials. But, now it is time for digital marketers to start addressing Generation Z. This eco-conscious group prefers short-form videos over long-form content and relates to micro-influencers more than celebrities. They also have strong qualities that work towards helping the world become a better place, which means that marketing to this generation is very different from other generations. 

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