7 Effective Lead Generation Strategies You Should Be Using

Lead generation is the foundation of any business’s marketing and sales strategy. The digital age has significantly changed the way companies generate leads. However, some lead generation methods are more effective than others and may vary depending on the type of industry that you operate within.

Let’s have a look at seven different lead generation strategies that you can consider implementing into your marketing strategy in 2022:

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1. Offer useful resources.

An effective way to help attract leads to your business is by offering your audience useful and high-quality resources that is providing immediate value. Some companies do this with the help of templates and other tools. No matter what type of resources you decide to offer, it is important to ensure these resources are gated – meaning that you can collect contact information and follow up with them later or add them into a sales funnel. 

2. Educate your audience.

Free or cheap education can help build relationships with potential clients and bring in leads. Often customers might need a little help identifying problems and what solutions are available. By posting short, educational content on your social media platforms, or your website – you can establish yourself as a trusted and reliable advisor who understands the needs of their customers.

Educational content can come in many different shapes and sizes including webinars, video tutorials, articles, e-books, and email educational series. Consider which format will be most effective for your intended audience. When it comes to more complex topics, a live webinar may be needed, so your audience can interact with you and ask questions. Whereas busy professionals enjoy receiving small bite-sized pieces of information.

3. Keep an eye on your analytics.

After returning to somewhat normal business operations following the pandemic, many businesses are discovering that traditional consumers’ buying habits and interests have changed considerably. Data is a great way to analyse the success of your lead generation efforts. You may need to make small changes to the way you target certain types of leads, or you make need to change the demographical attributes of your target customer altogether. If there are more conversions in a certain targeted group, you may need to find out why and home in on the groups that bring in the most qualified leads.

4. Outsource your lead generation.

The lead generation process can sometimes be long and tiring. This can restrict your sales team from closing off sales – which is not ideal. This is especially important in industries that already have low conversion rates. The good news is, that multiple businesses specialise in lead generation. Outsourcing can provide you with many benefits such as:

  • Provide you with high-quality leads
  • Cost-effective
  • Provide you with feedback and suggestions on how to improve leads
  • Allows your team to focus on other important tasks.

5. Automate as much as possible.

As we spoke about in the last strategy, lead generation can be time-consuming – it can also be a difficult task as you need to keep track of hundreds of leads and then follow up with them at the perfect time. Fortunately, some automated tools can help you keep track of your leads and remind your team when they need to follow up.

Another good way to automate the process of getting leads is with a sales funnel. The less work you have to do manually to move these possible leads through your sales funnel, the better. The best thing about sales funnels is that they grow as your business grows. With an automated sales funnel, there is almost no limit to the number of people who can be processed.

6. Team up with other companies.

More often than not, other businesses will compliment your product/service offering and can provide leads through referrals. Find businesses whose customers could also use your services and build long-term loyal relationships. For example, a tax accountant may have clients who could use the help of an estate planner, and vice versa. The next time a client asks if you offer a service that you don't, this could be a chance to put them in touch with someone in your network who does.

7. Consistently improve.

Regardless of how well your lead generation strategies are going, you should always be looking to improve your conversion rates. Strategies for generating leads are always changing, and over time some may stop being effective. Gaining feedback from your clients is beneficial in helping you develop a deeper understanding of why they decided to interact with your company. This can be helpful, but you should also think about asking customers who didn't buy if there's anything you could change to make your offer more appealing.

The real question is how can you attract the best leads? Your lead generation strategy should establish trust with your potential clients. Make sure your strategy includes email marketing, SEO, or some other digital marketing tactics to attract leads who are truly interested in your product or services.

Creating a custom lead generation plan that meets the needs of your business is essential! Focus on the gathering of high-quality leads to help you and your business excel!

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