9 Social Media Strategy Tips for 2019

Social media is indisputably one of the most powerful lead generation tools available on and offline. If you want to supercharge your social media strategy in 2019 and make friends on social, promote your brand, gain reach and generate leads… find out how below.

Audit this years social media campaign performance

1.    Audit this year’s Social Media Performance

There’s no other way to understand if your social media has been successful than completing an annual review. First and foremost, you should audit your social media content strategy at a granular level. Being able to understand what you have done well, how to build and enhance on it or to figure out what to do better next year is invaluable. This process can be draining – but just know it is vital. Revisit the content you’ve published throughout the year. Understand what has resonated and achieved the most engagement with your audience - and what didn’t. Pivot accordingly.

Define your Social Media Goals

2.    Define your Brands Social Media Marketing Goals for 2019

As with all planning… success is about setting and measuring goals. Know what is needed every step of the way! Decide what events and highlights you want to showcase to align with your brand and ensure goals are bold, but realistic, achievable and measurable.

Create Audience Personas and Customer Profiles

3.    Create Audience Personas & Profiles

“Thinking” that you know your followers, best customers or audience is simply not enough. You have to invest in surveying, interviewing, meeting and actually knowing your client’s needs. Get out of your comfort zone and understand and profile the people you are dealing with. Define your “ideal” high value audience and understand why they want to deal with your brand. Unlock this and understand the exposure you need to grow.  

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4.    Identify the best Social Channels for your Brand and Learn the best times to post

Research suggests that posting between 12 noon and 3 pm on weekdays, is the best time to be actively posting on social media platforms. But don’t overdo it. Creating too much context, especially similar content can lead to your supporter clicking “unfollow” and saying good bye.

5.   Check out your Competition

There’s nothing wrong with completing a competitor analysis of your opponents. They have probably already completed an audit on your brand and marketing. Understanding your competition helps you keep up, evolve or stay a step ahead with your products, services and brand. Whether you are inspired, encouraged or shocked, always be learning.  

Cartoon of Man sitting in front of a computer screen live streaming.

6.    Live Streaming

We all know video content is king. So what could be more valuable, real, sincere and genuine? Live streaming! Yep! Live streaming is killing it. Why? Because a personalized customer experiences matters. Live streaming is quickly gaining traction and attention from those on a lookout for new and innovative ways of delivering content. Live streaming gives your audience an opportunity to connect and ask questions and get to your you and your brand. Live steaming is now an effective super power.

Funny Clown

7.    Engaging Content

Make use of memes, jokes, competitions, videos and puns to help connect, engage and grow your audience. User-generated content doesn’t have to be fancy, it does have to be brand-worthy. Your followers are hungry for the story behind your ads or products.

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8.    Unsplash, Pexel and More

Fine high-definition, often royally free images to compliment your posts. By simply connecting your incredible content with mind blowing imagery… you might just back a viral winner. With thousands of images to select from, you can’t go wrong right?

Iwatch with social apps on the watch screen

9.    Messenger Apps and Chatbots

Messenger is one of the best media platforms to connect and communicate with your audience instantly and personally. Respond instantly to views, feedback, suggestions, bookings, complaints or compliments. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect instantly.


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