Assumptive Language - getting to "YES!" 

Assumptive Language - the path to getting to YES! 

What is it Assumptive Language?

Assumptive language assumes the customer will buy; it does not leave room for any doubt or “if’s” or “buts”.

It shows prospects your confidence in your pitch and product.

It moved the decision making process along and avoids any lingering doubt and objections that stall the sale.

Drive your Customers into a Sucessful Funnel!
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Why use it is your Sales Call?

Assumptive language is vital because the seller/buyer relationship is one of push and pull, give and take. A good sales person must exert enough confidence and product knowledge that they can demonstrate adequate value in their product to ensure they can win the “tug-of-war” with a customer. Assumptive language places sellers in a position of leadership and authority. At the conclusion of a sale conversation, if the salesperson has made an sensible case, demonstrating value to the customer, assumptive language transitions the customer smoothly to the end of the sales funnel.

Assumptive Language isn’t just about convincing your customers to do it. Your product is what they need, so it’s about having the mentality of ‘why wouldn’t they?’

Assumptive Language Demonstrates:

•             You believe in your product

•             You believe in your product for the customer

•             Gives the customer a feeling of ownership of the product

•             Encourages buying signals

•             Helps move conversation to the end of the sales funnel and closure

Must Do’s when using Assumptive Language

·       Lets move forward

·        You are

·        I’m going

·        You will

·        You would

·        Obviously

·        You can see how this is going to…

·         Where should I send the contract...

Drop Subjective Language 

·         Are you

·         Will you

·         Do you

·         Can you

·         Have you

·         Would you

·         You might

·         You should

·         I recommend

Summary and Example of the key points when applying assumptive language to your sales conversation

TIP: Let your customer talk 80% of the time - let them talk themselves into the deal - when in doubt pause - he/she who speaks next loses.


-         What I’m going to do for you today is….

Trial Closes (Presentation & Objection Handling):

-         Sounds great yeah?

-         Obviously you can see the benefit in that yeah?

 Assumptive Closes:

-         What’s your ABN?

-         What’s the best address to send this to?

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