Benefits of Business Blogging (& Why You Should Do It)

Looking to grow your website traffic, attract new customers, build brand loyalty or become a brand leader in your space? The answer is business blogging! As a marketer and business owner you must always be on top of trends and blogs provide a great way to achieve this. Blogs provide business owners with a platform to share their story in a way that resonates with their audience, promotes what their brand is all about, and establishes trust.

Discover the power of a blog, the benefits are endless. Here are 6 benefits of business blogging - let’s get started!

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The 6 Benefits of Business Blogging

1. Boosts website traffic

Blogging for your business is an excellent way to increase your website traffic. Posting frequent and consistent content that provides educational and entertainment value can assist in increasing your website’s traffic. More traffic = more leads, and this is great for both B2B and B2C customers.

Blogging is also an excellent strategy to optimise your site for search engine results. It serves as another indicator for Google and other search engines that your website is active, up to date, and worth checking in with.

2. Generates leads - yay

Every blog post provides a new lead generation potential for your sales team. Simply include a call-to-action button on every post to give visitors the chance to take advantage of free content and offers. Not every blog reader will convert into a lead, and that's okay. No brand converts 100% of the users who read their blog into leads. It is known that businesses that blog frequently will draw the most attention!

An educational blog enables your prospective customers to research a product or service in their own time and then contact you when they are ready to buy. It is critical to design blogs with SEO best practices in mind and to then promote them relentlessly via social news platforms and newsletters. 

3. Content can be repurposed across other platforms

For many businesses, a blog can act as a continuous portfolio of past work. Blogging for your business helps you become more easily discoverable via social media. When you write an article, you give people something to share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Your blog’s content also contributes to the viability of your social media channels. Using previously developed blog content allows you to repurpose it across your social media platforms. 

TIP: Create an Instagram carousel using the main points of one of your blog posts.

4. Advertisement for your brand through valued content

Blogging creates a space for you to reinforce your company’s brand identity. It provides the perfect opportunity to educate your audience while also providing a little bit of information about your company story and personality. Make sure you always say the same thing to your customers if you want to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with them.

A blog is also a great outlet to get into the nitty-gritty of how your company came about. Blogging provides a great platform to build an impressive portfolio to showcase your work.

5. Long-Term Results

This is one of the most overlooked advantages of blogs - they continue to draw fresh leads and customers over not just a short time frame, but well into the future, 

While it is still necessary to ensure that you are updating your content and posting regularly - older posts can remain relevant for a long period of time, especially if the content provides valuable information. 

Old blog posts that have gained authority or ranking over time and are getting a lot of organic traffic can be easily updated to serve current campaigns or goals.

TIP: Ensure that you update older blogs with your current business information and links.

6. It builds connections and establishes trust.

Building trust with your customers can help create valuable links for future business opportunities. If the industry that your business operates in is a niche, then you have the potential to create your very own little community!

When a customer establishes trust in a company, they are more likely to share positive information with their family, friends, loved ones and even on the internet. This is another great way to gain new leads and expand your network of customers. As we all know, these new relationships are one of the fundamental benefits of business blogging.

Start Business Blogging Today!

It's impossible to underestimate how important blogging is for a business. Even while there are other inventive ways to increase your brand's visibility and spread the word about your services - this does not diminish the value of a blog. Whatever your business goals, a blog post is one of the finest ways to drive traffic to your website, expand your audience, and attract new customers. 

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