Considering Live Chat Website Development in 2020?

Have you heard about Talkomatic? It was the first online chat system created around 1973. Though it was limited to 5 users, it became a popular medium for real-time communication at the time.

As technology has evolved, live chat development has improved and expanded significantly - along with the customer’s growing expectations. Consumers have embraced live chat’s full potential and functionality, as they want to be able to access everything instantly. Studies suggest that more than 53% of customers prefer live chat or “instant messaging” before they call a company for support. Nobody want's to wait on hold any more!

It’s no wonder that speed is considered king in today’s digital world, specifically when we look at online customer support.

However, many business websites still fail to respond quickly to their customer’s requests and inquiries. Research has shown that customers wait for on average 10 hours to get their requests answered.

This is where live chat development - becomes an essential factor in delivering a quick and convenient real-time conversations with your customers.

If your website is still living under the rock and relying on traditional customer support service, here are some of the benefits you should consider live chat development in your website this 2020:

1.       Increase Sales and Conversions

As indicated in the previous report by eMarketer, 35% more people have made a purchase after using a live chat service.

Live chat acts as your digital sales assistant on standby working 24/7, guiding your customers as they navigate through your website and browse your products and services. By speeding up your customer support turn around time and providing a seamless two-way conversation, you’re helping your customers overcome any pain points and reach a buying decision with ease and confidence.

2.       Lower Support Cost

Customer support can be really expensive - especially if you’re working with traditional call centres - that handle both phone and email requests. However, with live chat, customer service agents can now engage to simultaneous chats. This means higher efficiency with reduced overall spend but still maintaining quality customer service satisfaction rate.

3.       Online Trust with Live Chat

Humans are naturally sceptical, thus it’s a lot more difficult to build trust online than in a physical store. Live chat gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers in a personal - but not intrusive form of contact, closing the gap between online and offline purchases. According to a study from ATG, 90% of customers agreed that live chat helped them become more confident during their online journey. When trust is established, it will fuel your business over time and increase your sales.

4.       Competitive Advantage

Providing a real-time online support to your customers helps you earn a competitive advantage over your competitors. Did you know that many businesses have not yet embraced the benefits of incorporating live chats in their websites? With live chat, you can get ahead of your competitors and have the opportunity of attracting more new or potential customers.

5.       Boost Credibility

Instant responses from live chat gives an impression that there are real people on the other side - ready to assist the customers at any moment. This offers an instant boost to your credibility to your business, while also increasing your customer’s loyalty towards your products and services.

6.       Better Website Experience

Due to live chat’s efficiency, many customers prefer communicating through the channel than through email or phone call. When you engage your customers via a live chat conversation as they are browsing on your website, they won’t have to leave or stop what they’re doing; they can instantly address their concerns and you can offer an immediate response without making them wait any longer. You’re not only improving your customer support but also providing your customers with a better website experience.

Investing in Live chat development - may just be the puzzle piece your website needs to boost your business and grow exponentially in 2020. Provide access to fast and immediate customer support and make your website more responsive than ever. Are you ready to differentiate your business from the rest and embrace the power of live chat? 

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