Content is King - 5 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

Blogging is now a critical component of your online marketing strategy. It isn’t optional – you must be doing it.

Business blogging is a marketing tool that helps your business increase its online visibility. A business blog is a marketing channel (just like social media (facebook, Instagram & linked in), direct mail, email marketing, etc.)

A blog supports your business growth.

Yep, I’ve heard it a millions times – but why & how?!

Well, businesses now use their blog to publish rich, informative content about their brand and industry! If you content is engaging – you keep your brand in the forefront of your customers (and their friends and families) minds….(as well as their feeds).


Your Blog is a gateway for you to:



It is a way to communicate and engage with your existing customers. Keep your brand at the forefront of their mind (and feeds…if it’s engaging).


Blogging is a personal, down-to-earth method of keeping your readers and customers informed about events, new products, offers & an opportunity to provide suggestions and tips. Be creative, fun, funny and educational. Ask your readers & customers for feedback, suggestions and support. Build and grow your community by asking for feedback and encouraging your followers to share.


Keep your customers in-the-know with articles or infographics about not only your latest product offerings, industry trends & tips, but also your internal culture, vision, beliefs and business personality as well.


It is also a way to engage and attract new customers. Promote your articles, ask your customers to – we all know social is word of mouth on line, at scale!!

#5: SEO:

Your blog fuels SEO. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing, love fresh content. What better way to provide frequent content than with blog posts? By blogging consistently, you give Google and other search engines new content to index your website and you create opportunities to plug in those all-important keywords to increase your visibility on search result pages. Essentially - make your content relevant to what your readers are looking for - and you will be backing a winner!!!

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