Debunking the Top 7 Digital Marketing Myths

20 January 2020

They say elephants are afraid of mice. Excuse me?! Clearly, it’s a myth and a funny one at that. An animal as big as an elephant would look ridiculous fearing such tiny mice.

Myths have become common in this complex world, even before the pre-digital era. 2020 is no different; digital marketing has since been plagued by numerous myths.  With so many digital marketing strategies and tactics associated with myths, it’s easy to get confused as to which really work and which don’t.

While myths don’t always equate to truth, they can still hinder your digital marketing goals from moving forward. So let’s get to the bottom of this. Ready to debunk some of digital marketing’s popular myths?

Digital Marketing Myth #1: More Web Traffic Means More Money

Web traffic is good but does it always lead to conversions?

Let’s Debunk:  When web traffic is of high-quality, meaning the volume of converting customers is high, then it can lead to higher conversions.  Simply stated, not all traffic are created equal.  In order to convert your traffic to money, the quality of your website content should answer the needs of your target market. A low volume but converting customers is ten times better than a high volume of traffic from customers who are not interested in converting.

Digital Marketing Myth #2: Email Marketing Is Dead

Due to the rise of social media and messenger apps, many have casted their doubts on email marketing to the point of declaring it dead.

Let’s Debunk: Statistics say there’s not a chance that email marketing is dead. By 2022, about 126.7 trillion of emails are expected to be sent. Wondering whose reading emails these days? Well in the US alone, more than 90% of people over the age of 15 are still into emails. When it comes to generating new customers, email marketing still has the reins over Facebook or Twitter with 40x more effectiveness. So even with social media dominating the online consumption, email marketing is here to stay.

Digital Marketing Myth #3: More Content Is Always Better

Content marketing may be digital marketing’s hottest thing now, but does more content mean a better outcome?

Let’s Debunk: Content is king. For that reason, many were led to stuff their websites and social pages with loads of content - blogs, videos, images, infographics etc. Include the fact that Google favours websites which adds new content regularly. However, when we speak of content, quality always outweighs quantity. It’s a challenge to create a huge volume of content while simultaneously keeping a high level of quality. Rather than stretching yourself too thin and trying too hard to be present in all channels, focus on creating quality content. One strong and optimised blog that ranks is far better than a numerous blog posts that don’t generate traffic at all.

Digital Marketing Myth #4: You Can Make More Money with Google Ads

What are Google Ad campaigns for? To generate more customers and eventually make more money. Does it happen all the time?

Let’s Debunk: There’s half-truth in this. When done right, Google Ads can increase your conversions and skyrocket your sales. This is very doable and realistic but you’ll need to craft an effective campaign strategy and put in a generous amount of time and money as well. A successful Google Ad campaign needs to have a solid foundation in order to drive the right people to the right place at the right time. A lot of research, fine-tuning, and forward-thinking approach are the key factors in making more money with Google Ads.

Digital Marketing Myth #5: SEO is All about Keywords

During the baby days of search engines, SEO was rather simple and less complicated. All you had to do was stuff keywords. How about today?

Let’s Debunk: Keywords still hold its value in SEO but SEO these days is more than just a bunch of keywords. If you want to rank first on search engines, you need to give online searchers exactly what they’re looking for. It’s extremely important to consider the intent behind the search than just to target what people are typing for.

Digital Marketing Myth 6: SEO Is Not an Overnight Success

Considered as one of the most effective yet laborious digital marketing strategies, SEO success is not a quick-fix. How true, or not true is that?

Let’s Debunk: This couldn’t be truer. SEO cannot be done overnight; in fact, as a general rule of thumb, SEO results are expected to be seen within a period of 3 to 6 months. It’s a time-consuming effort of creating unique, high-quality and optimised content for search engines. However, once you’ve finally placed in the higher rankings, the efforts are all worth it and you’ll find yourself reaping the rewards.

Digital Marketing Myth 7: Facebook is Dying

As the largest social media platform and as one of the firsts to introduce the concept of likes and followers, Facebook has long been ingrained in our lives. However, with its series of negative publicity, is the social media giant already dying?

Let’s Debunk: Few will raise their eyebrows but Facebook is still very much alive. As of September 2019, there are over 2.45 billion monthly active users recorded, with less than 10 million increase from the first quarter (Source: Facebook 10/30/19). It is also producing a total of 300 million photos per day, which serves as an implication of engaged users.  Moreover, 42% of marketers said that Facebook is critical to their business’ success. This proves that Facebook still holds its ground as the biggest platform ever which generates the most solid returns. So don’t sit out on Facebook as we’re not ready to declare it dead yet.

Final Verdict

  • Myth numbers 1, 3, 4, and 5 are not completely a bust. When done with the right strategy, these myths can spurt seeds of truth. So the final verdict – plausible.
  • Myth number 2 and 7 are a total bust; there’s not a chance for a nail in the coffin for email marketing and Facebook. These two digital marketing strategies are still thriving and giving businesses a valuable return on investments.
  • Meanwhile, myth number 6 speaks every marketer’s truth. SEO is not an overnight success but a long time process. 

If there’s one true thing about digital marketing we can all agree on, it’s that the digital realm is always evolving. Stay on top of your game by keeping up with the latest on digital marketing.

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And lastly, we’re definitely not scared of mice!