Digital Marketing 101: Creating Content that Coverts

Good quality content is always in high demand. Buyers dedicate a significant amount of time to product research before any purchase decision. Great content requires investment of time to create, but if you do your digital marketing right, you will reap the rewards.

Publishing content is not about quantity but how well each piece helps your prospect reach their goals and aspirations. I bet your competitors are also writing about the same topics so it’s becoming more and more difficult to cut through the noise.  Here are a few digital marketing strategies on content creation to help you generate more business.

Understand Their Motivations and Create Buyer Personas

Other than determining factors such as demographics, there are other considerations when creating buyer personas. A buyer persona is a tool in marketing that allows you to develop a fictional character based on what an ideal customer would look like. Using available marketing data, delve into the mind of your target buyer and try to breakdown their habits, behaviors, motivations, fears and goals.

Buyer personas can be developed using market research, surveys of past customers, interviews with potential clients, and feedback from your sales team. Once you have gathered enough information, you need to analyze and look for behavioural and consumption patterns. Then you can begin crafting different types of personas that will help guide your content creation.

A good blog post should answer the following questions:

-              Why do I need this product or service?

-              What problem or challenge will it address?

-              What result can I expect from my purchase?

-              Do I need it right now?

-              Why should I buy it from your company instead of the competition?

The key to writing articles that convert to sales is focusing on the prospect not on your business. Build a real emotional connection and make them feel that you understand their dilemma and can empathize.

Clearly State What You Want Them to Do Next

There are numerous blog writers who write terrific content but often forget to state what they want the reader to do next. With every article you publish, you need to have a goal in mind and persuade the reader to act on it. In marketing, this is what is called “Call-To-Action” (CTA). Make sure that the CTA matches the buyer’s journey. For instance, if they are still in the research phase, you could encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, join a product demo or watch videos. If the prospect is already in the decision-making phase, you could offer discount codes to encourage them to close the sale or upsell package bundles.


Other suggested CTAs could be signing up for your newsletter, downloading an eBook, taking a survey, following you on social media, registering for your webinar, or forwarding your content to a friend.

Don’t forget to conduct A/B testing to evaluate which messages are the most effective.

Add a Sense of Urgency

Introduce an element of urgency or scarcity to urge them to act on it as soon as possible. Whether it be a time-limited or quantity-limited promotion, convince your prospects that acting sooner would be beneficial to them.

Most purchase decisions are made on the spot so if you let them sit on it for too long they may not buy anything.

Possible phrases you can use: “hurry, only a few spots left”, “offer ends in 24 hours”, and “book now and avail of a discounted rate.”

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