Digital Terms Demystified

As the digital world becomes increasingly more complicated, more terminology is created to keep up with it. When seeking to build a website of your own, you would have likely encountered digital terms such as UI and IA and wondered what they meant and if you really need to apply the concept at all.  

To decipher these mysterious terms, here are the 4 widely used digital terms that you need to be familiar with if you want to build successful website:

Digital Terms Demystified #1: Information Architecture (IA)

Information architecture refers to the way a website and its content is structured and organised. The goal of AI is to help users find information and complete tasks on your website. Similar from building architects, digital information architects create the blueprint for your website, classifying everything that it needs and where it should go.

They utilise flowcharts and diagrams to structure content. This makes the site accessible and easy to navigate. AI is so important as it helps users understand all the content on the site as a hold, and helps us identify where to go to find the information we’re seeking easily.

Digital Terms Demystified #2: User Interface (UI)

Your User Interface is the set of commands or menus through which a user communicates with a program. It’s the crucial space where humans and machines interact and communicate with each other. Being the point of contact between the end user and the machine, the user interface should be user-friendly and user-centered to ensure a seamless and highly usable experience.

Take note that UI and UX are not interchangeable. UI refers to what your users interact with while UX (User Experience) refers to how they feel while they’re doing it.

Digital Terms Demystified #3: User Experience (UX)

According to Kuniavsky (2010), user experience is the totality of end-user’s perceptions as they interact with a product or service. It is measured by many factors such as effectiveness, efficiency, emotional satisfaction, and the relationship quality with the entity that created the product or service.

Because UX covers every way that people interact with the company, UX often focuses on the psychology of the user. It aims to determine how the user wants to interact with your site’s interface to ensure an efficient and value-adding experience. Hence, businesses must ensure that their UX follows industry best practice and is also set up specifically set to their target audience.

Digital Terms Demystified #4: Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience involves designing and dealing with customer’s interactions in order to achieve what every company wants – customer satisfaction. The aim of CX is to have control over the customer’s positive experiences in order to achieve loyalty and satisfaction. It includes consumer’s awareness, attraction, cultivation, discovery, buying, advocacy and use of a service.

Customer experience also refers to the shopper’s interaction within your brand. It can be measured through factors such as overall experience, customer’s chance of using your website again and the possibility of sharing your site with others.

CX and UX may have the same concept but they are not interchangeable. Primarily, UX is a specific part of CX and is concerned with your products' usability or website. On the flip side, CX encompasses all the experience a person has with your brand.


These terminologies are concepts that play a key part in your digital website strategy. When combined, they can come together to deliver a long-lasting impression on your customers, helping you creating stronger relationships with them.


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