Does my Business Need A Website?

21 June 2019

Pondering on whether your business needs or website? Got a website, but considering a revival? The reality is that your website is your businesses best employee, working 24/7, so it needs to represent your brand immaculately.

Owners of all business’ sizes are looking for the very best options to wisely spend their marketing budget and get the best ROI [return on investment]. To expand your business, even if you are just starting, the most important element is your online presence. When we talk about online presence, it’s not just about traffic to your website, it’s about engagement and an experience that keeps them coming back.

Cut corners or cost on your website design and prepare to suffer the consequences. Get it right and reap the rewards.

Here are 10 things you need to keep front of mind when investing in a website to ensure it accomplishes your marketing goals:


Your competition is online. If you aren’t online, you are probably losing sales to your competition. Why? Because your competitors are more accessible to your audience. Convenience is key. But don’t just settle on a cheap website, make sure that you have a beautifully designed, functional website, so that you don’t miss out on opportunities to expand your business.


Whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn or another of the endless popular search or social platforms. Customers who want to find your service or product will search for your business online. If you do not have a website and online presence, it will be difficult for them to reach your business. If they can’t find you, they might turn to your competitors. No one wants to lose customers, right? So why take the risk of running your business without a quality website?


Your website is your online shop front, it’s your best employee working 24/7. Having a website, enables customers to contact you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Even outside of typical business hours. If you are selling products, you give your consumers the convenience of shopping their desired products, without visiting your store’s physical location. If you’re providing a service,


A quality website provides you with a lot of opportunities to reach your target audience. It will not only promote your products or services, it will also let consumers know why they should buy from you, it’s a platform for you to promote who you are. It serves as an online brochure, where visitors can explore the products or services that you are offering and find answers to questions that they might have.


Basically, regardless of the size of your business, your main goal is to make customers aware of your brand. Investing in a well-designed quality website will inject confidence in your customers, that you also have a brand with a quality product. Investing in a quality website, is an investment in building your brand’s online reputation.


Designing a quality website and promoting it, will boost engagement with your brand and should increase your sales. Whether you are promoting services or selling products, by showcasing your unique story, quality products or next level services via a beautifully designed, functional website, you offer a next level user experience. Perfect your customer purchase journey and win.   


Develop your website based on your customer’s needs. Adapt. Turn your website into a great marketing tool Use forms, surveys and questionnaires on your website to better understand your customers needs. Investing in this technology helps you to gain valuable information from your clients, such as what they like, don’t like, want more or less of and their point of view on your products or services. All customer feedback, is good feedback.


With the information that you gained from having a website, you can reach target markets that you might have been unable to reach before. Investing in a website will give you reach and potential to be seen by internet users around the world. As you increase traffic and data, you can develop new customer profiles and audiences to expand your marketing to target.


If you invest in a quality website, it’s like hiring a sales gun for your business. You are setting up a direct line between your business and your customers 24/7. You can have an online store where they can shop, place orders, pay their bills and review your product. Your website acts like a catalog for your company, and with the influence of the latest technologies, you can inculcate confidence in your product to the consumer and it will be making money for your business whilst you are awake and sleeping.


Content, transparency and communication is key right? So, improving communication between your business and your customer vital. Whether that is responding to different questions, blogging about new products or product information related to your business or helping customers through web chat or online support. Your website can almost do it all.

Investing in a quality website and marketing strategy, is an investment in increasing your business’ profit. Whilst you're the captain of your business, the consumer is in control of whether they are going to do business with you. Make sure you can get found online and when you’re found you deliver a great fist impression.

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