Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

If you think email marketing is dead, think again! Despite countless digital innovations, email marketing is still very much alive and thriving. As a matter of fact, 81% of small business owners said email is their primary customer acquisition method.

But while it is still widely used, common email marketing mistakes are also prevalent. Many are using it wrong and as a result they struggle to meet their campaign goals.

Are you guilty of committing some email marketing mistakes? If you haven’t quite figured out why email marketing doesn’t seem to work for you, then perhaps you should take a look at your email practices.

Below are some of the common email marketing mistakes that kill your chances of good conversions:

Common Email Marketing Mistake #1: Not paying attention to welcome emails

Compared to other email categories, welcome emails have the highest open rates. So if you fail to welcome and acknowledge your new subscribers, that’s already a missed golden opportunity for your business. People sign up for emails because they are interested. They have seen something from your site or shop which made them subscribe and obviously, they now want to know more about your brand.

Once a new subscriber pops up in your email list, take advantage right away and don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers. Welcome them to your brand, acknowledge their effort and thank them for their interest. After that, you can make your new subscribers engage with all your emails –newsletters, new product alerts, discounts, loyalty programs, holiday promotions and others.

Common Email Marketing Mistake #2: Failing to include calls-to-action

What’s the use of an email newsletter if it doesn’t include any calls-to-action that will trigger engagement and conversion?  There’s a reason people subscribe to you just like there’s a reason for sending them newsletters. Your purpose is to encourage them to buy your products and services. For that reason alone, a proper call-to-action should never be forgotten otherwise you won’t be able to strike your goal.

There is an abundant choice of simple yet effective calls-to-action to entice your subscribers to click such as Buy Now, Get _% Discount, Click for Free Trial, Join Our Loyalty Program, Shop Till You Drop, Limited Offer Only, etc. The more urgent it sounds the better. Be careful though not to overwhelm your subscribers with tons of calls-to-action. Limit it to just one according to the main purpose of your email or you can add another if really necessary.

Common Email Marketing Mistake #3: Overwhelming your subscribers

Do you know that an average office employee receives 121 emails daily? Needless to say, bombarding your subscribers with emails after emails is not a good tactic. It is in fact the number one reason why people unsubscribe from an email newsletter.

How can you not overwhelm your subscriber? The key is to limit your email promotions to one or two in a week. People don’t shop online every day so it’s strategically fair anyway. Another way of making sure your email newsletters will not overwhelm your subscribers is by setting up preferences when they sign up. Ask them how frequent they want to receive messages from you and what kind of newsletter they prefer so you can segment your email marketing strategy.

Common Email Marketing Mistake #4: Not optimizing for mobile

“Everything looks better on desktop doesn’t it? So, let’s focus on that and dismiss the mobile users.”

There goes your chance of increasing conversions, right down the drain. 81% of people use mobile devices to check their emails. Consequently, optimizing for mobile is a must. Make all your email newsletters mobile-friendly so your readers won’t have to do any more work than is necessary. As much as possible, keep the content on a single column only and keep the images at 600 pixels or below.

Before sending the email, you need to check how it’s going to look like on a mobile device to make sure your emails will come across as intended.

Common Email Marketing Mistake #5: Using unprofessional language

Your email marketing is one of the strategies that dictate who you are as a brand. Whatever you send out to your customers and subscribers should reflect on your brand. With that being said, your emails should always look professional.

Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, slang and improper formatting don’t scream professional and might create skepticism from the users. Also, it gives your brand a reputation of being amateurish. To maintain a professional look in all your email content, make sure to check your spelling and grammar and always choose respectful and professional language. Remember to proofread everything before hitting the send button.

Common Email Marketing Mistake #6: Not prioritizing signups

Without a substantial number of subscriber’s list, you can’t anticipate great results from your email marketing campaigns. In order to achieve that, you need to prioritise your signups. Where do you place your ‘Sign Up for Email’ or ‘Subscribe Now’ buttons on your website? If it’s placed too randomly or buried somewhere in the corner of your website, there is a very little chance that your online users will take notice.

Ensure that your email signup placement is easily noticeable and visible to your readers. Placing it on top of every landing page will help you generate more subscribers dramatically.

Do you think you have committed one of these mistakes? The good news is you can change your email marketing practices immediately and avoid the above. Email marketing might sound easy but it requires the right strategy to fully unleash its conversion power.

If you are ready to take your email marketing to the next level, don’t let your email marketing mistakes hold you back and talk to us about how you can move forward with a new-found strategy.



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