Five Reasons Why People Visit Your Website

Your website is your digital storefront and the nucleus where all of the most important activity takes place. If yours is attracting large volumes of traffic, that reflects well on your brand. But have you ever wondered why exactly people visit your site? As a business, it’s important that you ask yourself this question, and consider whether the answer aligns with your goals. For example, if your website has an e-commerce store, you’ll likely want users to visit your site to make a purchase.

Of course, there is a myriad of reasons why people click on websites. Here are some typical scenarios.  

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1. They want Information

The internet is essentially an infinite virtual encyclopedia. It’s where people go to find answer to their queries. Therefore, if they visit your website, it’s highly probable that they are looking for information. Some may land on your website if they saw an advertisement that piqued their interest, and they are eager to learn more. Perhaps you are selling products of a particular niche in which they are interested. Maybe they like your branding. Whatever the case, the fact that they have sought out your website is a good sign, and shows that they’re curious about you.

A great way to attract visitors to your website is to provide free, valuable content without requesting anything in return. Because people tend to seek out information online, try to write content that answers questions your target customers might ask. Rich content positions you as a thought leader in your industry, and builds brand authority and trust which are powerful marketing forces. Not to mention, relevant and interesting content is key to climbing the rankings in the search results.

2. They want to Contact you

Another basic reason that people visit websites is to retrieve contact information. Most sites will display their location, opening hours and phone number at the bottom of the screen. It’s essential that this information is clearly presented, especially for those in the service industry or those who have a brick and mortar store. Businesses that operate virtually often have alternative modes of contact, such as live chat and enquiry forms. However, studies show that consumers still favour a website that offers a contact number. A split test by Kissmetrics revealed that option A with a telephone number received 54% of the total conversions, with 46% going to the option B with no phone number.

3. They want to Buy Something

Some customers will come to your website to make a direct purchase. These customers are on the cusp of converting, so it’s important that your site is fully optimized to make the customer journey as smooth and seamless as possible. Remove any roadblocks along the way. It’s not uncommon for users to abandon their cart if they become fatigued by an unintuitive website design. User experience is key when it comes to boosting your conversion rate.

4. They want to be Entertained

Users may come for information or contact details, but they might stay for something else. Give them something worth sticking around for by providing them with some on-site entertainment. Try spicing up your homepage with some engaging video or striking images. Some people enjoy browsing through this type of content for amusement, and while this may not lead directly to a sale, it’s an initial step in the customer relationship.

5. They want to be Part of a Community

It’s human nature for people to want to belong to something bigger than themselves. Many websites have a strong community aspect, where users can communicate with each other about common interests. This leads to people attaching a sense of identity to your brand, which is conducive to long term loyalty. Some websites have an actual member’s club, or subscription service. But other websites may evoke a sense of community less obviously, perhaps by encouraging people to share photos of themselves with their products, or by referring to their customer base by a collective nickname (e.g. many online fashion labels refer to their customers as ‘babe’ in their brand messaging).

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there are many motivations behind site traffic. It’s up to you to think about what action you want your visitors to take, and optimizing your website to encourage them to do so. Think CTAs, clear navigation and a frictionless user experience. For more on how to build an awesome website.

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