Five Reasons Why Your PPC Ads Don’t Convert

PPC ads, or pay-per-click, can be an effective way for companies to drive traffic to their website, which could potentially lead to precious conversions. Of course, this is not always the case. Several factors come into play to create a successful PPC ad campaign, working in harmony to map out a clear path for the user.

An effective PPC setup comes fully loaded with relevant keywords, the right locations, and powerful visuals. Here’s why yours might be underperforming in the conversions department.

1. You’re sending traffic to the wrong page

When it comes to conversion rate optimisation, it’s all about making things as clear, straightforward and simple for the user as possible. Consider the goals for your campaign, which could be to make a purchase, or to sign up to your mailing list. What’s the most basic way to align your campaign with these goals? Well, you can start by taking visitors to the right place. If you want users to buy something on your site, create a PPC ad that leads them to a page with well-merchandised products. To increase your email database, take people directly to your sign-up page. By leading them to the wrong landing page, you’re obstructing their journey, and ultimately killing your chances of them converting.

2. There is a disconnect between the marketing and sales teams

Departments across your business should work together towards a common goal. Traditionally, the marketing team is responsible for winning leads. The sales team, however, is concerned with cold hard cash. For a campaign to reach its full potential, these two departments must maintain clear communication and remain firmly on the same page. They can develop the campaign together in many aspects, such as such as length of time allotted for sales cycle, the transfer of responsibility for leads, and how long the salespeople can keep in touch with these leads.

3. Your website isn’t compatible with mobile devices

Mobile accounts for 65% of all ecommerce traffic. Your website needs to reflect this growing trend. In this day and age, it is unacceptable to have a website that is not responsive across all devices, including desktop and tablet. If a mobile user is redirected from a PPC ad to a site that isn’t optimised for their device, there is a good chance they will leave immediately, sending your bounce rate through the roof. A fully responsive site looks great no matter where you visit it from. It is user friendly, easy-to-navigate and its graphics fit neatly on the screen. If your website is still living in the dark ages, either contact your web designer or update it yourself – you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of an optimised site. You’re catering to the masses here.

4. Your sales cycle timeline can be longer than it is expected

Knowing the average sales cycle of the business that is advertising is essential when it comes to implementing a successful PPC campaign. For example, the business could expect the sales cycle to last for 30 days. If targets aren’t reached during that period, they could complain to the advertising agency or department. But it could in fact take 60-90 days to realise the full impact of the campaign. Make sure everyone is on the same page so that there’s no unnecessary confusion or tension.

5. Using unclear text

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting your words right. Using vague or misleading copy in your PPC ads will almost certainly be detrimental to your conversion rate. Make sure your language is clear so that the user knows exactly what to expect from the webpage they click on. Every click costs money, so it’s all about getting prospective customers to do so, rather than blowing your budget on those who aren’t likely to be interested. Optimise your ad in such a way that filters out the duds, and focus on getting the right eyes on your website.


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