"Go Green" with these 4 Eco-friendly Mobile Apps

Top Eco-friendly Mobile Apps to help you "Go Green"

Saving the environment sounds like a huge undertaking if you’re just one person or even one family, especially with today’s fast-paced lifestyles and routines. But we can do our part even with one change towards this goal everyday. And since most of us thrive on using technology for almost all of our activities, we compiled the best eco-friendly apps anyone can use to go green this year.


When you don’t have any idea on how to kick off “living green”, this app will be a big help. Rippl is an eco-friendly assistant app that feeds users tips and suggestions for changes you can make to live a greener  life. This mobile app was developed by Ocean Conservancy with the goal of helping each individual to develop green living habits.

The mobile app was designed to:

-Help you set goals

-Remind you to follow through with your goals

-And help you keep track of your progress.

This mobile app can be downloaded for free on IOs and will soon be available for Android users.


This free mobile app is available for both IOs and Android users. It’s designed to help each user live sustainably while having fun. It encourages the user to do simple deeds like walking, biking, bringing your own coffee cup along to the coffee shop, and more.

Each “good deed” has corresponding points that the user will earn. Joulebug will also show you what your friends and other users do to live green.

The best part is seeing how you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint. This app can sync with your utility bills and lets you see the difference when you live greener.


So many of us challenge whether we have a green thumb, but that’s no longer a problem anymore with GrowIt!

GrowIt! is a mobile app that will help you to know what plant to grow depending on the location you live in’s climate. It will teach you how to take care of and how to grow your plants. It will also give you an encyclopedia of information about different plant types.

If you don’t know what kind of plant is growing in your garden, the app’s awesome “Plant Identification” feature will help you identify it. Another feature of this app is the Q&A where you can ask a question about anything regarding your plants, request for gardening tips, and their online community will respond back to you. This app is available on IOS and Android.


Thinking of shifting to using eco-friendly products? Well Goodguide is here to help. Goodguide is the ultimate shopping guide for everyone who wants to live healthily and at the same time help save the planet.

This mobile app has reviewed and scored over 75,000 products and will show you the ingredients of each product and health concerns of these ingredients. Plus it will also show you the top rated products and what the experts have to say on the potential health effects of each product.

Goodguide is available on IOS, a product scanner for Android, and their mobile website.

It’s possible to live an eco-friendly lifestyle with simple steps like using these apps and applying the tips and suggestions from them.

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