Google Digital Out-Of-Home Ads: Bringing Your Ads Offline

Out with the old, in with the new. Although, Google may think otherwise.

In order to meet customers at every touchpoint possible (even when they are offline), Google has brought the best of digital marketing technology to the outdoors - yes, just like the pre-digital era when billboards and bus stop flyers were the main way of advertising.

Say hello to digital out-of-home ads - a new way to reach people in the real world by combining the power of digital technology and the old charm of traditional marketing. Imagine your customers interacting with your brand when they are out and about undertaking their daily routine - in shopping centres, at bus stops, inside elevators, or even right before boarding a flight at the airport.

Bringing your Ads Offline

The digital out-of-home ads are made available to all Display and Video 360 users. So, what exactly does this mean you may ask? Well, it is now easier for marketers like us to expand our digital marketing campaigns. All you need is the help of a single plan, and you can bring your campaigns to ANY digital screen outdoors - in all shapes and sizes.

Another great thing is that you have complete control over your digital out-of-home campaigns, which you can activate, pause, and optimise in real time, so you can meet your target audience at the right place and time. The integration of programmatic technology allows for the management of strategy, activation, reporting, and optimization from a single dashboard - which makes it super easy to use.

With integrations such as Place Exchange, Vistar Media, Magnite, and Hivestack, digital out-of-home ads can be especially beneficial for international brands, who can now reach a global audience with a single tool. Access to these integrations means a potential collaboration with huge international media names such as ClearChannel, Intersection, JCDecaux, Lamar and Stroer, for which the inventory can be bought programmatically too.

What are the limitations of Digital Out-Of-Home Ads?

Yes, digital out-of-home ads are digital (as the name implies), although personalising ads is impossible. Additionally, you cannot access individual identifiers or user location data.

Although, what digital out-of-home ads can certainly do is reach your target audience based on the screen location. How does it work you ask? Well, consider the following scenario: it is lunchtime on a Friday afternoon in Melboune, and all of the hungry business men and women are desperately trying to find a delicious, yet reasonably priced place to eat. A small eatery can quickly display a digital billboard campaign on a nearby screen for the workers to spot. But wait!  It doesn't end there! Later in the evening, the same digital billboard can promote happy hour for those same employees who wrap up their long week at work. Increasing both awareness and purposeful action!

What are the benefits?

Before Google decided to include digital out of home advertising into their campaign ecosystem, it has already been around for a while. According to the Digital OOH: Global Market Trajectory & Analytics, this type of advertising has some real potential in the digital market. According to the report, digital OOH could take a huge leap in 2027, reaching a value of 35.1 billion US dollars. WOW!

We think this is a good reason to start including digital OOH in your marketing strategy. Not convinced yet? Here are some of the benefits you could potentially reap from incorporating digital out-of-home ads into your marketing strategy.

  • Reach a wider audience - Digital out-of-home ads serve as the bridge between traditional media and digital marketing. People are spending more time outside now that we are gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels of activity. The great thing about digital OOH is that you can reach more people anywhere in the world, at any time, in multiple locations.
  • Targeted Location - Now, when we use the word targeted we don’t mean it in an intrusive way. Instead of personal individual data being gathered and stored, digital out-of-home ads are targeted through an anonymous mobile data location that tells where people are spending their time and what routines are within the nearest digital screen. Impressions are tracked using GDPR-complaint methods that respect the audience’s right to privacy.
  • No Ad Blocking - Unlike online ads, which can cause ad fatigue and result in widespread ad blocking. Google digital out-of-home ads cannot be blocked.
  • More Connected and Engaged Audience - Strategically, digital out-of-home ads reach a more connected audience that is ready to engage. Being out and about, where consumers naturally want to socialise or spend money can increase their intent to make a purchase versus simply browsing products online. DOOH has the potential to be extremely effective at every stage of the sales and marketing funnel, impacting both in-store sales revenue and brand awareness.

Case Study

Okay, so you may be wondering at this point, has any brand actually tried Google’s digital OOH ads yet? Well yes, after a guaranteed programmatic deal in the US and UK, popular clothing brand ASOS was the first to use Google’s DOOH ads. The ASOS marketing team booked out hundreds of digital billboards - resulting in 22 million impressions across two countries. That sure is impressive!

out-of-home ads

Photo Credit: VCCP London


The next time you see an ad on a digital screen near you, it’s the digital out-of-home doing ads for their work. Google is taking traditional billboard marketing to the next level, making it accessible for digital ads via programmatic technology. While this platform might be well suited to brands with an international footprint, small and local businesses can still look forward to utilising it in the future.

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