How to Improve Cold Email Conversion Rates?

Here’s the truth - consumers are becoming more cynical when it comes to online marketing. Marketers who have overused the same old tactics have caused a spike in emails ending up in the spam folder. However, you can still turn your email marketing around with a solid strategy. Here’s a guide to help enhance your email prospecting and improve cold email response rates.

Make sure you are reaching out to the right person

Before you even write that email, you should have already done some research and determined the individuals whom you believe would benefit from the product you are offering. Do proper due diligence on their demographic and psychographic traits. A rule of thumb that you shouldn’t neglect is that you should always strive to target the person who has influence in the purchasing decision. If you have a product that is focused on B2B companies, LinkedIn is a great resource when researching for key decision makers within a company.

Skip the generic subject lines

This is a no-brainer and you would probably find this tip in similar articles on the web. But it is worth mentioning that the first thing your prospect will read can make or break your chances. Steer away from writing vague offers that would usually end up being marked as spam. Avoid words that trigger anti-spam systems that automatically block your messages. Instead, try to write well targeted subject lines, even better if they mention the customer's needs or pain points. It shows from the get-go that you understand your target audience and that your product is relevant to them.

Make sure your opening paragraph is worth reading

Don’t waste your perfectly crafted subject by following it up with a poorly written, boring opening paragraph. Aim to make it interesting while also keeping it short and straight to the point. Make sure you add value to your prospects’ lives, so do your research and tailor-fit your pitches in all communications.  Personalisation takes a whole lot of work, but it can be the key to your cold email campaign’s success.

Always include a call to action

Avoid confusing your readers that they end up wondering “so what?” or “what now?” after reading your message. State a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your email. Do you want them to reply to your email, to sign up on your website, or to give you a call? Tell them clearly. But make sure to use the right nuanced words because you don’t want to sound like you are forcing them into a decision.

Don’t give up on the first attempt

People are busy, they might be interested but just forget to reply to you. Your email might also have gotten lost in the spam folder. Take initiative by following up a week or so after the initial contact. You’ll never know, you might be a gentle reminder away from making a sale. But don’t be a cyber nuisance by flooding their inbox, you wouldn’t want to be the guy they end up blocking.

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