How Split Testing Ignites Digital Marketing Success

Marketing without planning and testing is like walking blindfolded. The success of your business's digital marketing heavily relies on the strategies that effectively steer toward achieving your goals. To ensure your marketing efforts aren't in vain, a valuable approach to planning and preparation involves split testing. But what exactly is it?

Consider it putting your marketing campaigns on a treadmill, monitoring their performance, and fine-tuning them for optimal speed. It's priming your campaigns for success right from the start!

Ready to transform your website clicks into customer cheers? Then gear up for this split testing masterclass!

What is split testing? 

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Also known as A/B testing, split testing is the process wherein you test out two versions of your digital marketing material, like an ad, website, or digital content, to know which version among the two works best. 

Testing them out involves examining their key aspects, such as design and messaging, as well as metrics like click-through rates, conversions, or bounce rates.

By doing so, you'll determine what version works best for your campaign, and what qualities you can adapt to your main project going forward. 

What needs split testing? 

It's great you're asking. Many components of your digital marketing campaign can be tested to gauge their effectiveness and their alignment with your defined goals.

Some digital marketing components you can test out are: 

  • Website images or graphics
  • Email subject lines and content
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Colour scheme for website, social media content
  • Forms and checkout processes 
  • Ad copy and other creative elements

Why must we do split testing?

Certainty ensured

Intuition is lovely, but data is definitive and certain. A/B testing removes the guesswork, revealing precisely what resonates with your audience. Whether it's a button colour or a headline twist, you'll know what sparks action and fuels conversions.

Modifying to perfection

A/B testing acts as a personal cheerleader for your marketing endeavours. It consistently motivates you towards improvement, assisting in refining every element, from email subject lines to website layouts. Each test brings you one step closer to marketing supremacy.

No efforts wasted

Feeling like your current strategies are akin to tossing marketing dollars into a bottomless pit? A/B testing ensures you squeeze every drop of ROI from your campaigns. By identifying high-performing elements, you’ll attract more leads, convert more customers, and watch your profits soar.

Dispel the doubts

Data speaks volumes, especially when it validates your marketing prowess. A/B testing offers concrete evidence of your campaign's success, dispelling any doubts and earning you the respect you deserve in the boardroom.


A/B testing isn't a one-time trick. It's a continuous learning journey. Every test builds upon the last, revealing evolving audience preferences and helping you stay ahead of the digital curve.

How to do split testing? A step-by-step guide.

Identify your testing goals

What are your goals? Increased conversions? More sign-ups? A smoother website flow? Clearly define your objectives to steer your testing journey by thoroughly examining your projects.

Pick your preferred testing point

Choose the element you want to test, whether it's a headline, a call-to-action, or an entire landing page. Remember to concentrate on one variable at a time for clearer results.

Craft your variations

Create at least two versions of your chosen element, each offering a slightly different experience. The key is to introduce subtle changes, allowing you to pinpoint the winning formula.

Split your audience

Divide your website traffic evenly between your variations. This ensures a fair testing ground and statistically accurate results where you can generate better, comprehensive conclusions. 

Celebrate, learn, and repeat

A note to remember–the winner isn't always the flashiest. Celebrate the insights, no matter the outcome. Then, use the data to refine your strategy and plan your next split testing adventure.

Unlock your digital marketing success with us! 

In today's competitive landscape of digital marketing, testing your strategies beforehand gives you a significant edge over your competitors even before the game begins. That's the power of split testing!

At Elephant in the Boardroom, we aren't just split testing enthusiasts; we're data-driven marketing alchemists. We work with you to craft and execute split testing strategies that unlock the hidden potential of your campaigns.

Contact us today, and let's put your digital marketing on the split testing treadmill to watch it sprint toward success!


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