Importance of Websites: Moving Beyond Social Media Business Pages

Running a small business? If you answered “yes”, then you probably understand that you need an online presence and website to be found!

For most businesses a website and social media both have different and specific roles. However, both a website and social media are vital in building your businesses online brand. Did you know that e-mail, website’s and social media platforms are currently the top 3 marketing tools currently being used by businesses?

The facts:

  • 54% of businesses are using e-mail marketing
  • 51% have a website [but possibly not a google friendly website]
  • 48% have social media

96% of SMBs (small businesses) confirm that they use social media in their marketing strategy. Businesses understand their audience is online and to reach this audiences, they must have a presence online. Majority of your audiences are probably using the same social platforms that you are on, that are easy to use and free. But, is a free social media business page enough to achieve your business growth goals?

Do you really have to create a website?

Many new SMBs opt to depend only on their social media. Which makes sense right? Social - it’s free!

Let’s learn why building a website will give you a winning edge over your competitors.


                                                 WEBSITE                          vs                        SOCIAL MEDIA

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Full customization: A blank canvas ready for you to design and personalize to your unique brand.

Display more information and how you’ll display it is up to you!

You can share video, slideshow, text, etc. while keeping in line with your brands style.

Requires to use their preset, default template;

So  customization is limited.


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You have control of where and how to share information.

Contents is not hidden behind ads, chat windows, or algorithms & you can create simple, easy navigation for your users.

Easy to post content but has a complicated algorithm that controls how and when your post and displayed.

Compete with many other posts on your end user’s news feed. Ensuring visibility will cost (boosts / ads) &

aged entries get buried;

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Credible due to purchased domain name, content hosting; better showcase your company/business profile, personality, and branding.

Open to all accounts so many be impacted by fake reviews or possible scams .


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Control of your online presence;

Easy to improve, edit, customize and align to your mission, branding and styling.

Limited control;

Any application update may affect your profile.


The Narrative:

Essentially an online presence is about reach. Be everywhere you believe your customers will be.

Whether its Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or something else – “be where you know your customers will be”.

Having your own business website is not negotiable. Your website is your best employee working for you 24/7. A website provides you with an opportunity to showcase your unique brand, answer questions about your product or service or pricing and to reduce unnecessary emails or phone calls. Your website will assist you with your SEO and enable you to drive traffic from other www. Pages back to your business. Let’s be real. Social is powerful, but it’s only part of the puzzle. Content is king, reach is queen and both need crowns.

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