The Power of Effective Communication

Effective Communication is a skill you can learn and empower yourself with.

Ever felt tongue tied? Tried to explain something and when the words came out - it didn’t seem to make much sense?You are not alone.

Don’t Stress!! Effective Communication is a skill you can learn and empower yourself with.

The ability to effectively communicate and get your ideas across to people will determine your success, in both your personal and professional life.

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Effective communication is about:

·       Listening

·       Confirming that you’ve got your point across

·       Persuading people to take action on what you are communicating

Effective Communication is listening, persuading, influencing & negotiating effectively. Mastering this art, will allow you to sell your professional and business ideas and reach new levels of success.


When engaging in a conversation keep the below front of mind at all times:

·       What common ground do we share?

·       Do they feel comfortable with our conversation?

·       Are my responses making them feel understood?

·       Is my message clear and intent being clearly defined and understood?

·       Will our connection be better after our interaction?


5 things that effective communicators do, that you can to!


1.     Listen to understand, not to respond

·       “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand someone is to listen to them”. – Ralph Nichols

·       Actively listen and probe for more clarity

·       Don’t multitask – be engaged, paraphrase, make eye contact and display the correct body language.


2.     Speak with Clarity, Confidence and Influence

·       Plan, Structure and Practise delivery of your message

·       Who is your Audience, What is your main topic, Why (purpose) & How – the format of the delivery

·       Influence and Persuasion is mastering the delivery and value proposition - the What’s in it for me element?


3.     Advocate a vision to persuade people to take action

·       Collaborate and consult

·       People need to feel like that are part of the future so using language like Us and We is key.


4.     Awareness: body language, cultural and political awareness

·       Have the correct posture and body stance (having crossed arms can be perceived as aloof)

·       Make eye contact & Make hand gestures

·       Dress for success – your own perception of your body image effects our confidence

·       Show acknowledgement of the conversation whether its nodding your head or saying OK.

·       Remove Judgement and be Culturally aware to ensure you do not offend


5.     Reaffirm that they have got their point across

·       We all know how Chinese Whispers ends – its important you ask questions to confirm the person you are communicating with understands your message and the action that needs to be taken.

Anyone can develop effective communication skills. Even small improvements and effort, when you connect with others will have a profound effect on the success and quality of your life and business.


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