Your Product Catalogue: The Secret to Social Commerce Holiday Success

As holiday season nears, people will once again flock through Facebook and Instagram as shopping alternatives and find the best deals and products. Now, the challenge is to get those people coming to your social media store.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with combined 4.1 billion users. Primarily known as platforms where you can showcase your daily lives along with connecting with your family and peers, the outrageous number of users led these apps to kick it up a notch, and integrate sales generation.

How about improving your product catalogue to invite more shoppers?

Product catalogue introduced

In simpler terms, your product catalogue displays information and details about the products you sell on Facebook and Instagram. Crafting a high-quality catalogue can attract positive reactions and sales for your shop. Here are two main benefits you can get from a high-quality product catalogue:

  1. Improve discoverability in search results
  2. Drive more conversions for your shops

Tips for a better product catalogue

Now that you know how crucial having a product catalogue is on your shop’s performance, it’s time for you to make it more attractive for your target shoppers.

  1. Use detailed product information.

Specifying your product catalogue will be helpful for customers to discover your product. It also improves their buying experience. Keep note of the following attributes and its benefits when you integrate them with your product catalogue.


Details such as brand name, gender attributes, and age group will guide shoppers to finding your product initially, especially if they are looking for products specific to their preferences.


Provide product variants as much as possible so you can cover all the choices for your customers. These include colour, size, material, and then some.


These appear directly on your products details page and encourage buyers to consider buying your product.

  1. Manage product variants in your catalogue.

As mentioned earlier, providing your customers with multiple variants of the same product equals a better buying experience for them. Adding product variants help customers to find more colours, sizes, patterns, or materials that they prefer for the product. It also provides them with wider selections for one product. When they click on the product, they can quickly see its variants.

  1. Keep your catalogue updated.

Update your catalogue consistently, and in doing so, think of yourself as the buyer, so you can implement more effective changes for your catalogue. Consider the following items when you are updating your catalogue.


You must only sell products with inventory. Update your products with accurate inventory counts, or when those items sell out, and product category codes (essential for taxes).

Product names

Keep it in one line - use the same product name for your social media pages and in your website if you have, so shoppers can easily locate your products.

Product descriptions

Provide specific details whenever possible. Include length, materials used, size specifics, and much more. If your shop caters to a foreign audience, include size conversions too.


On sizes, check out if you have an inventory for all available sizes. If there are products that need size considerations, include the details with accuracy. Size charts can also help.

Pricing and shipping fees

Keep the prices consistent throughout your website and social media pages. Be transparent in pricing and shipping fees/details as much as possible.

  1. Use product tags frequently.

Product tags on Instagram have been useful for customers, as 130 million click on them to learn more about the products they might buy. There is also a plus side if you can already lead your customers to the website or your social media marketplace page by clicking the tag for easier purchasing process.

That is why it is important to use product tags every time you post stories and reels on Instagram and Facebook to attract shoppers and make the most of your shop’s potential.

One of the keys to your shop’s success lies in your lesser-known product catalogue. Keep these tips in mind, implement it, and let it steer your business towards a productive holiday shopping season.

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