Reasons to Use a Chatbot

Chatbot functionality has changed the game of communication and how businesses can connect and engage with their audiences. The word chatbot is now, more than ever, more than just a buzz word. Chatbots are powerful examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) is indeed a game changer and the next big thing in digital marketing.

You’ve probably interacted with a bot during one of your online conversations with a brand? Chatbots are robots that communicate with humans online. They’re capable of learning processes, understanding data, learning different languages and numerous other methods of communication. This enables them to effectively answer questions and hold a conversation online. 

How have chatbots impacted today’s businesses? Let’s take a look at some of the statistics below:

Chatbot statistics

These statistics demonstrate how chatbots can have a positive impact on your business. With its rising popularity, it’s time to boost your customer service offerings and start using chatbots on your website. Still not convinced? Here are 10 great reasons why you should explore a chatbot for your website:


Chatbot Reason #1: Provide a Higher Level of Interaction

92% of internet users are more satisfied after using live chat compared to any other form of communication. Live chat provides faster and higher levels of engagement for your business. Customers don't want unnecessary delays, which makes live chat the perfect medium to meet the need immediate. This is where chatbots can effectively perform - replying to comments and answering queries quickly so customers can get immediate answers right away. This high level of interaction reassures your consumers of your commitment to customer service.


Chatbot Reason #2: Certified Multitasking Ability

Humans can multitask - but only to a certain extent. The job of a customer service agent who attends multiple queries a day can take a toll on the quality of the service provided. And so they are bound to make mistakes. Chatbots, on the other hand, can amazingly handle thousands of queries at once any time of the day. They do this efficiently and effectively without any human error.


Chatbot Reason #3: Deliver Absolute Politeness

Humans have many triggers – bad days, foul moods, stress and such. These triggers can directly affect the way they communicate with each other. An overly persistent customer can get on a support agent’s nerves and a foul mood may ruin the customer service interaction.

Human emotion is an element of customer service that chatbots safely avoid. They’re programmed to be polite and to respond to a customer in the most direct and unbiased manner. A perfect example of businesses that can take advantage of this benefit are hotels and travel agencies. Chatbots can be taught different languages to communicate with foreign visitors for smooth sailing interactions.


Chatbot Reason #4: Available 24/7 – 365 Days

Imagine your best customer service employee that works all day, every day, 365 days a year.

That’s a Chatbot. They don’t get tired and they don’t stop. Knowing that you can have customer support available 24/7 /365 days a year gives you a huge advantage over your competitors.

This allows you to get back to your audience in real-time, allowing your response to be relevant to their situation immediately. In our instant-gratification society, this can capture and retain a greater audience by creating a fast, positive and seamless experience.


Chatbot Reason #5: Very Easy To Implement

Chatbots are quick and easy to implement – it just requires a simple installation on your website and it’s good to go. That’s one of the reasons why it is predicted that by next year, 85% of customer service interactions will be managed without human intervention. 

It’s also easier to implement on a set of different systems than the human-based chat programs. Just like any other program or application, a chatbot also constantly undergoes updates to improve its accuracy and intuitiveness.


Chatbot Reason #6: Automate Repetitive Jobs

Repetitive jobs tend to bore human employees and run the risk of creating errors. Take out the need for repetitive jobs and allocate work to create more efficiency and productivity gains.


Chatbot Reason #7: Incredibly Flexible

Chatbots are highly and incredibly flexible. It operates on a universal platform accessible anywhere, by anyone using any browser. The programming can also be used in many ways and in other products from websites to tablets. Chatbots have the ability to learn and adapt quickly from the people using it. Although genuine human communication is better in some cases, most chatbots have an impressively large or near infinite memory. They will answer any questions or queries thrown at them by a single entity. This makes chatbots the ultimate tool in enhancing your business by making it more dynamic.


Chatbot Reason #8: Target A Wider Audience

Integrating chatbots on your website can give you access to potential customers from different social media platforms. Since most of today’s social media messaging platforms are already using the service of chatbots in connecting with their customers, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your reach and create a broader market. Not only will it provide room for growth but will make your brand become easily recognisable.


Chatbot Reason #9: Stay Relevant! Keep Up With Trends

Keeping up with the latest trend in marketing and technology makes your business relevant. Chatbots are the latest in artificial intelligence and incorporating it on your website gives your brand an image of being forward-thinking.  Plus the chance of becoming more accessible to users of different marketing platforms who have used the same technology.


Chatbot Reason #10: Improve Lead Generation

The Chatbots’ job description goes beyond just answering queries. It can also follow up on all users starting from the time of their visit to your site up to the purchase action. Basically, they keep track of your users’ online journey with your site by providing customers ll of the information they need, answering questions related to the business and suggesting useful products. This kind of user experience gives you the opportunity to improve your lead generation.

Chatbots are here to stay. With an extensive list of benefits, it's definitely worth exploring. Not just because everyone is doing it, but to take your website and customer experience to even greater heights. With chatbots, you’ll have the power to redefine your customer interaction and engagement, strengthening your brand and customer loyalty in the process.


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