Retargeting for E-Commerce

Ever had an ad pop up on Instagram for a product you’d recently browsed? Odds are, we all have. No, Instagram cannot read your mind. You’ve simply been retargeted.

Retargeting involves customising ad campaigns according to your customer’s online habits. The algorithm essentially sends ads to users who have interacted with your webpages previously.

In its essence, retargeting is simply a function of modern digital marketing. It’s an effective way of tapping into a valuable pool of customers, i.e. those who are specifically interested in your range and who are looking to make a purchase. Because it’s designed to boost online sales, e-commerce websites are best served by retargeting. This strategy can help keep your website fresh in consumers’ minds. According to AdRoll, in general only 2% of shoppers convert from an initial store visit. If a customer is reminded with ads, they might be inclined to return.

Retargeting is designed for online users who have connected with your website or online store. Specifically, here’s who you can retarget:

  • Those who have made Google searches relevant to your brand
  • Those who consume content similar to your current customers
  • Those who visited your website but didn’t make a purchase
  • Those who are on your email list.

Of course, you must give them a good reason to return. It’s not as straightforward as a simple reminder. Getting more customers to convert takes strategy and creativity. Companies must take the time to understand consumer buying patterns and cater to them accordingly.  

Are you ready to take your e-commerce sales to the next level through retargeting? Let us show you how with these expert tips.

1. Introduce your new products

Say you’ve noticed your customers spending a long time browsing a certain product. Unfortunately, this product is about to be phased out. Hope for a conversion is not lost. Simply offer them the next best thing. Retarget your customers with an ad for a similar product you’re selling, and hopefully they’ll still be interested. Who knows, they might even end up preferring it to the original offering.

2. Retarget online visitors on social media

According to AdRoll, you can make $10 for every $1 spent if you retarget your customers using Facebook. It comes as little surprise that Facebook is so effective. With the largest userbase of all the social media networks, Facebook still generates the most solid returns. Capitalise on this.  

3. Upsell related products post purchase

Upselling is sales 101. It’s what great salespeople do to earn more commission. Thanks to modern technology, the same principle can be applied online. Consider this scenario: a customer makes a purchase on your online store. Goal accomplished, job done. Right? Wrong. Just because you’ve got your conversion, doesn’t mean the door is closed. You now have a golden opportunity to sell them other products to complement their purchase. If they bought a facial mask, wouldn’t it make sense to offer them some exfoliator or cleanser too?

4. Update your ads

The digital marketing landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. Therefore, your ads need to be switched up regularly so you don’t bore your prospective customers with the same old content. Repetitive ads do not go unnoticed, but for the wrong reasons. Customers might end up blocking your ads if you’re not careful. Avoid this disaster scenario by keeping things fresh. If your ads didn’t convert the first couple of times, offer consumers something new.

5. Retarget shopping cart items

The final step of the online purchasing process is completing the check out. This doesn’t always happen right away. Customers often fill their shopping bags with products and leave them sitting there for whatever reason. Remind them what they’re missing by sending them ads showcasing these products. This might give them the impetus they need to seal the deal.

Now that you know the basics, stop waiting around and start retargeting today. If you’re not doing it, you can bet your competitors are, and you’re likely missing out on a ton of sales. It’s a conversion-driven strategy that gets your brand name out there, draws traffic to your site and wins you new customers. You can’t afford not to.

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