SEO Success Tips for 2020

If SEO was magic, it would have to be the most difficult trick ever.  There is no denying the challenging nature of SEO - even with its fundamental principle still intact. SEO’s landscape remains dynamic at best, which makes its algorithms impossible to crack even with the greatest magic tricks up your sleave.

Being one of the youngest marketing disciplines in the digital world, SEO plays the silent, self-effacing factor of your website - that drives people to visit your website. With 2020 looming, SEO yet again will be impacted by new trends and changes in algorithms.

With that said, how can you ensure SEO success for your business this 2020? Sadly, there are no amount of magic tricks or potions out there to make your SEO wishes come true. In this blog, we have compiled some SEO success tips we believe will help you stay ahead of the pack.


SEO Agency Success Tip for 2020 #1. Optimise Your Website Based on Voice Search Queries

By 2020, you can no longer ignore the demand for voice searches. It is estimated that more than 50% of online searches will be done verbally. This comes as no surprise since the widespread use of smartphones and the emergence of virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri, and even home voice assistants like the Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Echo.

For this reason, you need to ensure your website and pages are designed to resonate voice search queries. Understand and implement conversational phrases and languages such as ‘where is Elephant in the Boardroom’ as terms for voice search are more targeted and natural. You will have better chances of standing out in the search engines if your website does this.


SEO Success Tip for 2020 #2. Increase Your Local Search

Aside from voice search, another thing that is becoming popular are local searches. Did you know that local search comprises 46% of all searches? For your business, this means you have to take your strategy up a notch to increase popularity in your local area.

There are two ways you can make this happen – offline and online. With the possibility of Google favouring businesses with high ranking, positive reviews will come in handy in pushing your business’ ranking upwards. Encourage your customers to leave good reviews on your website and on your other listings.

Online, review your business listings. You have to ensure every information listed is accurate, up to date and in sync across your websites and all platforms. Having inaccurate information might affect your local search results and hurt your SEO traction.

Leverage your social media as well to build your local popularity. Engage in social media mentions within your area and increase your brand awareness. This will help your business name become popular in the local searches.

SEO Success Tip for 2020 #3. Get Featured in Google Snippet

One of Google’s recent innovations was the Google featured Snippet which was designed for better search experience. Getting inside the Google Snippet can drive more clicks to your website; hence it is a good strategy for your SEO success. However, how can you get your website inside the snippet?

You need to craft more detailed and clear answers to the frequently asked questions relating to your business. Google has its own set of rules in evaluating the quality of Snippets, so make sure to optimise your SEO. Your headlines must match the exact questions people are searching for. If you managed to be featured in Snippets, you will generate more organic traffic to your site.

For blogs in list format, provide short but clear answers in about 40-60 paragraphs. This will give your blog a higher chance to get featured in a Snippet, which in turn can lead your readers not just to the whole article but to your website as well.

SEO Success Tip for 2020 #4. Diversify Your Content

Google is constantly on the lookout for authentic and engaging content with high quality. This is not limited to just blogs or articles. As a matter of fact, other content forms are getting more engagement than ever. Videos, for instance, are projected to take up 82% of all consumer traffic by 2021. Memes, gifs, and infographics are also becoming popular, thanks to the younger generations.

In essence, diversifying your content in 2020 is an essential element to achieving SEO success. Think beyond the usual blog-type content and explore the power of videos, memes, gifs and infographics. Make sure your content is relevant, valuable and timely and answers the need of your online users.

SEO Success Tip for 2020 #5. Optimise Your Site for Better User Experience

In the world of SEO, site loading speed can make or break your business. Even a delay of 1 second in page load time can make your users leave your web page.

So if you want your business to get the maximum online exposure, you need to optimise your site for better user experience (UX). Improve your site and page speed and navigation should be easy and simple.  

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