Sonic Branding: Your Brand’s Sound Strategy

Ever heard a familiar sound that automatically brings you to a certain brand’s space? Intel, Windows, McDonald's, 20th Century Fox – all these popular brands have a unique and recognisable sound. Simply put, these sounds are what you call the sonic sounds which are achieved through sonic branding. 


But not to confuse you with jingle or ad music, sonic branding is more than just a piece of music put together. On a broader sense, it refers to a signature sound a brand uses to express its unique identity and create a sound their customers can easily associate their brand with. 


With more and more innovations and ideas emerging in the marketplace today, it is a challenge to stay afloat and rise above the crowd. Brands have used the traditional logos and colour palettes in imagining their brand. But there’s more to a brand than just being remembered for its looks. While logos make your brand recognised physically, sonic branding makes sure you’re heard as well as seen.  


Suffice it to say, sonic branding is becoming a sound strategy for your brand’s DNA. How?


Sonic Branding gives your brand a unique sound identity and recall.


Injecting a unique and distinctive sound to your brand can change the way people perceive your brand. As Gary Vee has quoted, sonic branding is the audio equivalent of your brand’s username. If you have your own sound that is played along with your content or campaign repeatedly, your users will instantly associate the sound with your brand. As the sound penetrates their subconscious minds, they’re weaving your brand’s name and the sound together and permanently engrave them into their minds even without listening. This is because a piece of sound or music has the power to initiate the memory section of people’s brain, giving your brand a better recall.


It impacts the customer’s engagement towards your brand.


A sound is not just recognisable but persuasive as well. With the right choice of music, sonic branding can enhance your customer’s level of engagement with your brand the same way that a jingle does. We’ve listened to a lot of jingle ads and have even sung along with them. That’s what having a sonic branding would look like. With your own catchy sound, you’ll encourage people to connect with you more and maybe even increase your conversions and ROI. 


It amplifies your brand’s values and purpose.


Music is a powerful tool that can translate complex thoughts and ideas in a way that people would easily understand. Hence, choosing the best sound for your brand that showcases your values, personality and purpose can resonate to your customers on a more emotional level. With the right sound, tempo and rhythm, you can express what your brand stands for and deliver this to your customers more clearly. 


It can humanise your digital presence. 


A piece of music or a sound can make anything appealing, including your brand. With today’s technological advancements and overexposure to social media and despite it being convenient to customers, they still crave for human connection. Without a sound, your brand may appear ‘all business’ without character. Sonic branding can give your online personality more depth, a personal nature, and a more human appeal.


It increases loyalty and trust in your brand.


A well-chosen and programmed sound infuses impact and memory, thus creating stronger loyalty and trust from customers. Think of how McDonald's has imprinted themselves on their customers through their sonic branding. They have a sound that’s memorable, engaging, and perfectly aligned with their brand attributes which their customers have developed an instant connection with, leading to increased loyalty and trust. You too can tap into the ability of sound to foster loyalty and commitment from your customers. 



Final Thoughts

In this age and time, a compelling sound to your brand is what you need to take you to greater heights. Tapping into sonic branding and having your own sonic identity is your gateway to the digital future where sound-based interactions will be more prevalent than ever.


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