Spring Clean your Social Media

It's spring in Australia! Before the season of festivities starts, now is the perfect time to spring clean your social media profiles and get them ready for the busiest period of the year.

So, what does a good spring clean involve? Is it as simple as out with the old, and in with the new? Spring cleaning your online social presence involves de-cluttering your social media profiles, conducting a social media audit, and sprucing up your marketing efforts for a fresh look.

Take a quick break from your daily digital activities and clear some social media clutter with these 9 tips:

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #1: Review Your Social Media Profiles

Everything on your social media profiles should be in complete sync with your branding. When you spring clean each account check your profiles for correct language, aesthetic, website links, and brand voice consistency. Update anything that does not seem to match your brand persona, including profile pictures, header or cover images, descriptions, URL and other important details.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #2: Secure your Social Media Accounts

Have you been checking the privacy settings on social media profiles often? If not, now is a good time review and tweak them. Change your passwords if you haven’t in a while, and to help secure your channels, use a two-factor authentication code. Also look at your admin panel for member roles and access settings to ensure you’re giving access to the accounts you prefer.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #3: Update your Bios and About Sections

Spring clean your current social media bios and about sections and see if they are still up-to-date and relevant. Make sure your descriptions are descriptive, complete, and have relevant keywords. Don’t forget to review your contact information, website, and physical address and update them as necessary.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #4: Adjust Your Notifications

Non-stop notifications can sometimes cause distractions and decrease efficiencies. If you want to limit your notifications, now is the best opportunity to play around with your social media notification activity and set them to when you want to receive emails, sounds, and push notifications.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #5: Get Rid of Old Stuff

Part of spring cleaning your social media profiles is making it look fresh; hence, you should give your accounts a makeover. Get rid of old logos, banners, and cover photos and replace them with new ones. Your social media accounts are the extension of your business and blurry or pixelated photos will deter from this.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #6: Dig Into New Trends

Social media is constantly evolving. New trends and updates are always popping up from the digital realm and this means new opportunities to enhance your social media capabilities. Don’t be left behind this season – when you spring clean, dig into new social media trends to help you promote your business more efficiently.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #7: Eliminate Fakes, Spammers and Bots

An authentic social media profile does not have room for unwanted accounts. Scan through your followers list and remove those who do not follow guidelines, are abusive, or fake, and other accounts with questionable profiles and activity. This may hurt your number of followers but if you are dedicated to keeping a niche for your brand, it’s best to only have active and loyal followers.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #8: Rebuild Connections

Cleaning out your social media profiles could lead you to discovering some previous conversations and missed connections worth giving another chance. It could be a customer’s feedback or query that you forgot to respond to or even an old conversation. Reaching out to active customers will build a good brand and consumer rapport, regardless of if they are still interested in doing business with you or not. The bottom line is, they’ll be pleased to know you took the time to respond and they will have a much more positive view of your brand.

Social Media Spring Clean Tip #9: Review Overall Social Media Strategy

Before the holiday season peaks, take this time to evaluate your social media strategy as a whole. Look at how each of your channels are performing and compare them to one another in terms of style, content, and activity. Assess each account and see what other improvements you can make to further your brand.


The process of a good spring clean can be a little daunting, but the end results are always rewarding. Updates and changes, big or small, can positively impact how your customers perceive you. So put your marketer hat on and get stuck into spring cleaning!


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