What Makes a Successful Website Design

It’s not YOU – it’s your online users and customers that are the main judge of your website. Therefore when it comes to a successful website design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But for your website and web design to be truly successful, your website should not just look good. It’s not just about the aesthetics but also the purpose and function, so that your website can generate the leads and conversion you want.

Websites that are well-designed deliver their intended message to the user while also keeping them interested. Consistency, colours, font, images, simplicity, and usability all go a long way towards making a website successful.

There is a slew of important aspects to consider in making your web design successful. Below we explore the top factors in web design that will make your website look beautiful and optimised for conversions:

Visual Design

Visual components show the necessity for responsive web design. Remember that people are visually oriented creatures and having compelling graphics and images makes your website more engaging to users. Impress your online visitors and hold their attention with a stunning visual design that will urge them to stay and make actions.


Website navigation is an important factor in determining how well your website works. Your website should be easy to navigate with menu items and buttons accessible on all your web pages. When a user visits your website, it's to discover a quick answer. If your website's navigation is difficult to use and your menus aren’t easy to find, it’s easier for users to just leave your website and jump to your competitor.

You need easy-to-use website navigation that helps rather than confuses consumers. Functionality should be your guiding principle when improving your website navigation.


Content is king and when it comes to your website, content-first helps mould your website design around your message and purpose.

Your website visuals – images, photos and videos, these are smaller pieces of the larger pie. Your message and content are still the most significant aspect of your website. When you put out a clear message on what you are as a business and what makes you stand out with high quality content, you will get more users engaging and talking about you. This also helps in solidifying your place in the search engine results pages. Higher quality content is great for SEO. Both people and search engines love quality content so use this to your advantage and increase the success rate of your website.


Your website's aesthetic quality and design are irrelevant if it takes too long to load. Slow websites are despised by online users; they have no place on the internet. The more time it takes to load your pages, the more business - and value - you will lose. Optimise your website loading time to improve your user experience. The happier your customers are, the easier it is for your website to generate success.

Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive website design is no longer an option these days – it is a requirement. Keep in mind that your visitors may arrive at your site through different channels. Your website must be mobile-friendly, accessible, readable, and be able to adjust on all devices and screens.

Website responsiveness makes sure your users get the experience possible on your website no matter what device they’re using. It also increases your visibility on search engines, which will benefit to the success of your business in the long run.

User Interaction

A successful web design is the one that engages your customers throughout their journey in your website and encourages them to make further actions. This leads to conversions – every website’s and business’ ultimate goal. Tips to improve the user interaction:

  • Give the user a clip or a button so they may check on their own.
  • Do not underline text unless it is a link. Otherwise, things get jumbled.
  • Create mobile-friendly forms for those who don't use PCs.
  • Pop-ups should be avoided as they may annoy and drive away visitors.

Calls To Action (CTA)

The CTA buttons were meant to entice action from your customers while they navigate and search on your website. But CTA buttons alone won’t generate you the clicks you want if they are poorly executed.

In order to maximise clicks and conversions on your website, you need CTA buttons that stand out and appeal to your customers both visually and emotionally. If your calls-to-action don’t complement the overall design of your website, your customers will just scroll right past them.

To make CTA buttons stand out and become more actionable, consider elevating the elements of colour, shape, text, white space and then A/B test to help you further optimise your call-to-action design and conversion rate.


What separates a good website from a successful website really is all about the value and experience you provide to your users. It’s important to look into the above factors and leverage them to refine and optimise your web design over time.

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