Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations

Is your website design lacking creativity and originality? It's time to explore the web for some inspiring website design ideas!

The internet is abundant with countless website design inspirations, offering a diverse yet pertinent array of perspectives on crafting your website with brilliance. However, amid this abundance, one can easily become overwhelmed, lost in the abyss of options, and wonder which inspirations are truly the best.

That’s why we’ve ventured into the think tank of Elephant's website designers, seeking their insights on the websites that have served as the best source of inspiration and have translated their projects into websites that their clients and customers love. 

And here they are, the top website design inspirations, handpicked by our very own website design team!

Pick #1: Awwwards

Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations - Awwwards

Competition brings out the best in everyone, including website designers. It's the idea Awwwards has held on to for the last decade, which resulted in the best website designs which inspire every designer across the world. 

Awwwards is a great source of website inspiration, showcasing some of the world's most impeccably designed websites. Visitors have the opportunity to nominate and vote for their favourites, highlighting those that truly excel. Each day, Awwwards recognizes a standout website with the prestigious 'Site of the Day' award, granting it prominent visibility on the platform for that day. 

Our website design experts also added that through Awwwards' wide array of website design projects, they gain insights into what new trends work best for their own projects. 

Pick #2: Dribbble
Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations - Dribbble

Although commonly recognized as a main destination for discovering top web design talents, Dribbble has also established itself as a premier source for website design inspirations.

Our designers also shared that through the numerous design portfolios displayed by top-rated aspirants and agencies on the platform, they gain additional inspiration they can use for their websites. 

Not only that, Dribbble is also inspiring designers in user experience (UX), encouraging web designers to craft websites that channel usability and impact. 

Pick #3: Behance

Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations - Behance

As part of Adobe's creative umbrella, Behance stands out as a chosen source of website design inspiration among our team of website designers, for a multitude of reasons.

Behance, to put it better, is like a social media channel for website design. Here, designers can upload their website design projects and enable others to express appreciation by liking and sharing them.

Moreover, Behance offers designers the opportunity to showcase their design assets, including elements, fonts, and images. This feature proves invaluable when seeking additional resources to enhance your website design project.

Pick #4: Pinterest
Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations - Pinterest

Wait, why is Pinterest even here? Well, our website designers also consider Pinterest a great source for inspiring website design projects! 

Used mainly as a visual discovery engine for creative ideas, Pinterest becomes a perfect repository for website designers to display their projects as Pinboards, which inspire other designers. 

Our designers favour Pinterest as an inspiration tool due to its frequent updates featuring current website design trends, ranging from minimalist styles to more cartoonish designs.

Pick #5: LandingFolio 
Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations - Landing Folio

If your landing pages require a touch of innovation to truly stand out, why not explore LandingFolio, our designers' top recommendation for landing page inspiration?

Tailored specifically for landing pages, LandingFolio features only the finest ideas for this crucial aspect of web design. You can easily filter by desktop or mobile viewing, as well as by your preferred colour schemes, ensuring a personalised and efficient browsing experience.

It also provides unique features and tools for designers to easily create landing pages that prioritise user experiences, at least according to our designers. Take their word for it!

Pick #6: Curated Design
Team Elephant’s Best Website Design Inspirations - Curated Design

Want outstanding website design inspirations? Look no further, because Curated Design has it all for you! 

Another great pick by our website designers, Curated Design combines website design ideas from around the world. Our designers endorse this platform because it facilitates landing on your preferred website design idea, whether you're seeking a minimalist approach, a design rich in vectors, or any other type of website design.

You can also get inspiration for website designs across multiple platforms, like web apps, e-commerce, agencies, and even designs suitable for mobile devices. 

Level up your website design!

Feeling fired up after seeing your new web design inspos? We hope so! Remember, these are just a taste of the endless design possibilities. The true magic lies in taking these sparks and igniting them with your brand's unique personality.

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