Tips For An Effective Call To Action

Sign Up. Download Now. Subscribe. Book Now. These are just a few of the call to action phrases you'll normally see online. Whatever the call to action, the purpose is always the same – to get you clicking.

If your viewers or readers are not responding the way you want them to, your call to action may not be resonating with them. Maybe it has to be more engaging or more powerful. 

Creating an effective call to action is important to create conversions. It has the ability to boost your digital advertising success. Without these clicks, your marketing efforts may not reach your intended goals. 

Here are our top call to action (CTA) tips to help you engage your customers and get them clicking.

#1 Choose Compelling Words

The choice of words you use for your CTA matters as it mirrors the reaction of your readers. If you want to get the attention of your audience, use words that excite and thrill them. Inject some enthusiasm and personality in your words to provoke their emotions. For example, when promoting your new product, instead of just simply putting on ‘Buy Now’, try using ‘Buy Now and Get 50%!’ for their first purchase. Notice that there is an exclamation mark at the end. The purpose is to highlight the benefit you are offering plus it invokes excitement. I would get excited too in fact.

#2 Use the FOMO Tactic

What is FOMO? It simply is ‘fear of missing out’. This is a proven tactic that can drive more clicks to your CTAs. Usually, you can apply it during a sale or promotion. It is a known fact that people are drawn to sales and discounts so you better take advantage of the opportunity. Catchphrases like ‘Buy Now', 'Until Supplies Last’, ‘Sale Ends Tomorrow!’ and ‘Hurry, Offer Expires At Midnight!’ are surefire CTAs that can elicit an urgent response from your audience.

#3 Highlight The Benefits

The purpose of your ad should be well and clear but it is worth mentioning to try to deliver it from the reader’s point of view. After all, your audience only cares about the benefit they will get and you can’t argue with this truth, can you? Be sure to include the benefits in your CTAs instead of just promoting your business. You can use CTAs like, ‘Subscribe Now To Get A 30-Day Free Trial’, Sign Up And Save 10%’, ‘Call Us For Free Demo’, ‘Claim Your Discount Code Now’ to entice your readers to click and move forward with your offer.

#4 Use Images

Images capture more attention than words only. If you are selling your product, it is wise to show the image of the product as well. When a person sees the actual product, they are more likely to buy the product right away.

#5 Test Different Call to Action Phrases

To identify which CTAs bring more clicks and which CTAs don’t tick, it is best to give A/B testing a try. Mix it up and see what is going to work best. Change colors and text and try to test it on the page to see how it’s going to look. Keep on refining and polishing.

#6 Get Creative

They say less is more but a little creativity doesn’t hurt. Keep your CTAs fresh and engaging. Spice it up and give it some boost. If a traditional ‘Check Out Today’s Deal’ does not bring in many clicks, try ‘Tons of Deals Right Now At Your Fingertips!’ instead. Most of the times the best way to improve is to think outside the box.

#7 Customise CTAs by Platform

Don’t forget to consider the device being used by your audience when browsing your page because each platform works differently. People use desktop, tablet and mobile devices for search. However, mobile devices may have different search intent and user behaviour. People usually are more ready to commit when using their mobile so it’s good to create a more call-centric CTA for your ads. To make this work, you can set a mobile preference for your ads thanks to Google and also enable call extensions. With call extension, a ‘Call’ button will be displayed allowing for one-touch dialing.


Start reviewing your CTAs now and see if it’s worth a click. If you feel its lacking, revise them and let the above 7 tips be your guide. Give your CTAs an overhaul and you might just be surprised how impactful it can be to your ad campaigns. 


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