Top 5 Business Tips for Tradies

So you want all of the blood, sweat and pain that you put into your business day in & day out to pay off - right?


Elephant in the Boardroom also want to see your businesses go from strength to strength and grow.
So, if you want your business to stand out from the crowd, try these 5 tips!

1. Stand Out from The Crowd

To stand out from the crowd in the competitive trades and services industry, its important to establish your points of difference as a tradesperson. For example; is it cleaning up after your job, always calling 30 minutes before arrival, replying to queries within a 24 hour turn-around? Live & Breathe your points of difference. Create a slogan. Create marketing materials, talk about these in meetings, post on your social pages & on your website and shout it out in all of your marketing material.

2. First impressions count!
Show up on time, smile, be friendly & genuinely interested in your customers and arrive in clean branded attire! Before you have even stepped in the door a customer has already decided if they would like to give you the opportunity to win the job so get that first impression right.

3. Licences & Insurance...
Licening requirements vary by state, by type and size of job and even by business structure. Don’t get caught out by not having the right licences in place. Get insured – Tradies are exposed to more risks than any other occupation. Ensure you have Public liability, workers compensation, income protection, tools protection just to name a few ...

4. Do you have a website or Social Media Pages?
Being online is now "Word of Mouth" at Scale. An online presence helps build credibility. A basic three page website covering your values, photos to showcase your work and testimonials can be achieved with a budget less than $500, and may be all that you need to win a job over a competitor. A Trade Matcher Profile is a great starting place to show case your business. www.tradematcher.com.au

5. Track and measure success

Your time is your most valuable asset. We all know when you run a business you are terribly time poor. So it pays to know what is working for you and what is not. Set yourself a quote success rate; it may 5 out of 10 jobs or even higher. And if you aren’t winning those jobs, ask for feedback and find out why.

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