Top 5 Must Try User Interface Design [UI] Trends in 2019

What is UI Design (User Interface Design) and what is trending in 2019? User interface (UI) design is the method of building interfaces in software with an emphasis on the look or styling. Essentially it is the design of interfaces for software, machines and devices, including computers, home appliances and mobile devices, with the emphasis on maximizing usability and improving the user experience. 

UI trends not only appeal to the creative and imaginative requirements of the users but also navigation and usability. Applying best practice and incorporating trends and creativity will excite and engage users and drive better outcomes.

Before we explore best practice and UI design trends, let's consider the change in the “design-first” approach focused on mobile platforms. The number of mobile users has grown exponentially. Accordingly, speed and asymmetrical page design and layout for mobile is vital.

UI design trends are transforming quickly and unique UI design is in high demand. On that note, let’s take a sneak peek at the hottest UI design trends of 2018 and let’s explore the trends that will not be forgotten in 2019.

Explore our top 5 “must try” UI trends for 2019:


  1. Effervescent Colourful Design with X-factor

Use of high saturated, neon colours will give life to the storytelling behind your high quality graphics. It is important to appeal to the artistic and creative side of users and to explicitly tell the story behind the typography and illicit a positive energy. Ensure common elements and functions such as buttons and hover effects perform predictably and keep “discoverability” in mind at all times.




  1.  Animated Graphics and Illustrations for great User Interface Design

Micro-animations are small, functional animations that support users by giving visual feedback and displaying changes more clearly. With micro-animations, it’s possible to explain a lot without using words. Micro-animations allows us to distinguish, differentiate and to interact with brands on their terms. As a task is completed, the responses or feedback can be easily sent to the users. Custom, personalised illustrations such as hand-drawn or digitalized plays a major role in engaging visitors and building brand loyalty. The different elements give not only an edge on your competitors but a unique point of differentiation. Mico-animation helps you to educate your user about your brand and what it has to offer. It also gives your platform an edge and an opportunity to showcase its personality.


AI Artificial Intelligence

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI offers a smooth and consistent customer interaction. Communicating interfaces such as chatbots trended last year resulting in advancements in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Bots are growing in popularity. More commonly integrated into different platforms such as virtual assistant such as Apple’s Siri and Google autosuggestion.


AR Augmented Reality

  1. Incorporating AR (Augmented Reality)

As we move forward into 2019, User Interface trends will involve thinking outside of the box. Creativity and innovation take precedence and we need to forget a User Interface fixed to just screen. Designers need to include physical interactions and consider emotion and evoke a connection. We should highlight interfaces which feel like they are happening within the real world setting. Augmented Reality demands a new way of thinking in a new era of web designing and technology.


VR Virtual Reality

  1. Incorporating VR (Virtual Reality)

Virtual Reality is also in the trend because of the experiences that they are giving to their users. It plays a strong role in user interface trends and will continuously be one of the strongest among them all. It can use in education to increase interaction of learning towards the students or in explaining the offers of a company or brands that they were dealing. Minimise actions and controls for the best experience.

When planning your User Interface, always respect the user’s eye and give attention to the layout; focus on hierarchy and readability. Keep an eye on how these top 5 user interface trends evolve and transform customer engagement and experience in 2019.

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