Trending Social Media Predictions for 2024

New year, new social media trends. Ready to amplify your social media presence with these social media predictions?

Buckle up, because 2024 is poised to shake things up like never before. We're talking about new platforms, inventive formats, and a change in focus that values authenticity and community more than passing trends. And if you're using social media for your business, being first with these trends puts you in a favourable position. 

So, whether you're a seasoned social media marketer or a brand owner wanting to be a social media success, keep your attention on this comprehensive blog, as this will serve as your shining crystal ball for all the predictions and projections for each social media platform you’re on! 

This will be quite a ride, so make sure you're prepared!

Here's what the social media landscape will look like this 2024:


Social Media Predictions 2024 - Facebook

AI-powered video content

With AI expanding its power towards video content creation, Facebook is doubling down on AI to boost engagement in social media, a trend set to continue in 2024. 

More AI-powered recommendations, as seen on Reels, have already revitalised user activity on the platform, easing the decline in original posts. 

For businesses and marketers, focusing on creating engaging and entertaining Reels content becomes increasingly crucial to reach a broader audience, given the continued dominance of AI-driven recommendations on the Facebook feed.

Celebrity-inspired AI chatbots

Have you ever tried Meta's AI chatbots named after celebrities? While it's currently a social media hit, it might soon become a miss.

Initially novel, these interactive chatbots lack lasting utility. They strive to emulate ChatGPT's success by leveraging celebrity appeal, but their novelty diminishes rapidly.

Chatbots have the potential for search, discovery, and task assistance, but the celebrity angle feels unnecessary and misses the mark on their true value. 

Expect Meta to refocus on AI applications that provide more practical benefits in 2024, moving away from the celebrity-driven gimmick.

The rise of interactive avatars

Meta, recognising the popularity of avatars in games like Fortnite and Minecraft among younger users, is pushing for more avatar interaction in its apps as a stepping stone towards the metaverse in 2024. 

While realistic avatars remain in development, expect Facebook to see more animated post options, new avatar stickers, and a focus on establishing your 3D self as your online identity in social media. 

AR glasses for an immersive experience

In 2024, Meta also plans to introduce another social media innovation—an immersive integration of augmented reality, such as AR glasses, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience that passes the vibe check.

While fully integrated AR glasses remain elusive, Meta's next-gen devices, including the positively reviewed Ray Ban Stories 2 and the impressive Quest 3 VR headset with full passthrough, are gaining momentum. 

The rise of business messaging tools

Public social media is receding as the booming world of private messaging takes the lead. As more and more chats and DMs are exchanged, expect this to shape the realm of social media in 2024. 

As users flock to groups and chats, Meta is adapting its ad strategy accordingly. From expanding "Click To Message Ads" to developing new business messaging tools and AI chatbot features, expect to see Meta capitalise on the shift towards private conversations. 


Social Media Predictions 2024 - Instagram

Video content through AI

Instagram is mirroring Facebook by adopting AI to enhance engagement. 

Despite a few user complaints, AI recommendations are already contributing to increased time spent within the app. Prepare for an even more AI-powered experience with new generative tools:

  • Collaborative AI images: imagine creating digital collages with friends, fueled by AI's creative spark.
  • In-stream visual editing: upgrade your photos on the fly with AI-generated elements, like adding a new background or changing the sky.
  • AI-powered avatar animations—express yourself with dynamic avatar stickers that respond to your text, adding a layer of personality to your interactions.

Get ready for a more AI-driven, expressive, and avatar-filled Instagram in 2024!

Threads gaining significant traction

Threads made significant waves this year as an alternative to a somewhat problematic Twitter, or should we say, X. Although its popularity has waned, 2024 could witness a robust resurgence for Instagram's text-based app, particularly if Twitter's owner, Elon Musk, struggles to stabilise the platform.

With upcoming features like DMs and an API, Threads is poised to become a legitimate social media competitor to X, potentially matching its user base by mid-2024.

Instagram hopping on AR

Instagram is gearing up to introduce its own AR tools that bring brands' products to life in stores. This aligns with Meta's broader metaverse vision and ongoing AR glasses development, allowing them to build partnerships for future real-world AR experiences. 


Social Media Predictions 2024 - X

X as an 'everything app'

Elon Musk's grand vision for Twitter to become an all-encompassing platform encounters significant challenges as 2024 begins. This ambitious plan focuses on transforming Twitter into more of a financial hub, hosting payment, shopping, and even banking functionalities.

Elon Musk's "everything app" dream hinges on in-app payments, a vision fueled by his PayPal experience. Gaining the necessary licences and approvals will take years, and X's shrinking workforce under Musk's critical eye creates a bottleneck. 

Changes to Twitter Blue

Elon Musk's changes to X's verification system and Premium offerings backfired spectacularly. That's why 2024 offers them a significant chance to revamp the verification process, which can change this social media platform's identity. 

The expensive business package to run ads also needs a major overhaul, as X's declining relevance makes its current price point unsustainable for most brands. 

A return to news app

Despite struggling as a social platform, X remains a top news app in terms of downloads. Recognising this strength, expect X to double down on real-time news content. 

Look for dedicated feeds, highlights, and prominent trend displays to better connect users with breaking stories. Additionally, expect X to make live streams and Spaces more discoverable, leveraging their potential for real-time news coverage.

The return of live sports integration

Twitter's previous attempts to integrate live sports content aimed at enhancing engagement didn't meet expectations. Anticipate X revisiting this concept as part of its renewed focus on news and events.

Look for exclusive video deals and better tweet integration around major sporting events, aiming to keep sports fans glued to the app instead of seeking out alternative platforms. 


Social Media Predictions 2024 - Pinterest

AR integration for shopping

While known as an image-sharing social media app, Pinterest is well-positioned to become a major player in the AR shopping space by partnering with retail stores to create in-store AR experiences. 

This would benefit both parties: Pinterest would gain a wider reach and presence, while retailers would get access to affordable AR technology to enhance their customers' shopping journeys. We can expect to see more Pinterest-branded AR displays popping up in malls and stores soon.

AR integration for customer experience

Are you curious about trying new makeup without actually applying it to your face?

Pinterest might have an unlikely answer to that this year.

Pinterest is doubling down on its AR Try On features, using cutting-edge LiDAR technology to create more realistic and accurate try-on experiences for both makeup and home decor.

They're already experimenting with clothing try-ons next, and with their focus on shopping-oriented features, Pinterest has the potential to become the leader in retail-focused AR innovation.

AI in Pinterest

Pinterest is also hopping on the AI bandwagon, and its offerings are promising. 

Conversational AI search tools similar to Google's Bard could be on the horizon, enabling more natural language-based discovery. 

Additionally, Pinterest might introduce a tool where users can create AI visualisations of desired outfits and then find similar real-world products based on their creations.


Social Media Predictions 2024 - LinkedIn

Shifting focus to AI

Another social media platform jumping on the growing AI landscape is LinkedIn, and the road seems easier for them with their established connection with ChatGPT's crafters, OpenAI. 

Expect LinkedIn's AI focus to shift in 2024 toward enhancing the platform's core experience. You'll be introduced to more AI-powered recommendations and content matching, driven by a deeper understanding of your network, skills, and engagement patterns.

Transition to video content 

LinkedIn's growing video posts showcase its readiness to wholeheartedly embrace video content within its app, spanning from posts to live events.

Expect LinkedIn to unveil dedicated video and event social media feeds, possibly accessible through a swipe feature on the main page. Look for prominent live event reminders and AI-powered recommendations that surface relevant content beyond your immediate network, similar to Meta's approach. 

More improved career mapping

The growing power of AI opens even wider doors for LinkedIn's professional and career pathway mapping. This platform might explore AI-driven chat prompts within the app, offering guidance to users for better career paths.

Imagine tools that analyse your skills and interests against millions of LinkedIn profiles, showing you how others similar to you have progressed. While career paths are rarely linear, AI could unlock valuable insights and empower users to make informed decisions about their next steps. 

Incentivising creators 

Expect incentives beyond just in-app rewards, with LinkedIn connecting creator expertise directly to specific business needs. The platform may highlight creators exhibiting skills in high-demand areas. 

Building a strong LinkedIn profile will remain key, but the platform aims to go beyond that by demonstrating how creator contributions can lead to real-world opportunities like promotions or career advancement. That means more benefits for creators contributing to LinkedIn's growth as a professional social media network. 

Be social media-ready this 2024!

After peeking into the crystal ball of 2024, the social media landscape shimmers with exciting possibilities. From AR shopping sprees to AI-powered career guidance, the platforms we engage with are evolving at breakneck speed. While the trends may seem daunting, here's the good news: they're also bursting with potential for savvy businesses and marketers.

But navigating this ever-changing terrain can be tricky. That's where we, Elephant in the Boardroom, come in. 

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