Ultimate Website Landing Page Checklist

Creating a landing page can be time consuming and even traumatising if it’s your first time. For the industry experts, we know you feel the pain. For the purpose of this article, allow us to assume this is your first time building a landing page. You’ve come to the right place and found the ultimate website landing page checklist! Next stop: lead generating, conversion-worthy landing pages.

First thing first, find inspiration! Visit your favourite websites and brands that you've always admired and try to evaluate how they handle their product branding, sell their unique advantages and convert. You will learn a lot by just looking, researching, testing and analysing.

Contemplate that your landing page is a video game. Consider each point as a game level. Lets level up and reach your website landing page conversion goals!

Landing Page Layout

Always ask yourself “Does this sequence make sense?”. Consider the end user [your customers journey and experience]. Is it easy to navigate and fast to find information?

Your landing page must be a good storyteller. Make sure the concepts of each paragraph of your content in your page is in a logical and compelling order. Ensure that the most important information is at the beginning and the flow is smooth and seamless.


“Are my images optimised?”

Make sure your images are enchanting. Then test your images and ensure your page loads quickly. If it doesn't. Optimise images by reducing their size. TIP: Consider the largest device your image will display on and crop it to that width.
Ensure that images load quickly on different devices. You may also consider creating a separate mobile version with appropriately-sized images.


“Is my design too simple, not simple enough, or is it wildly distracting?”

Keep your design simple. It must highlight and enhance your key content and NOT distract from the information. Any unnecessary design element that you have doubt about, leave it out [“Less, is more”.] Each element must drive visitors toward conversion so look at your design from a visitor’s perspective.


“Does my design evoke the right emotions?” Besides highlighting important concepts, your design must also spark an emotion within your visitors. Emotion can easily help you connect with your visitors to properly communicate what you offer.


Ensure your call to action is clear but not over the top. Remember: “You ask someone for a movie, before you ask them to marry you”. So “hurry, sign up now” might not always be appropriate.

“Is your call-to-action loud and clear or more of a Chinese whisper?”

If in doubt, you may need to further highlight your CTA. Choose a colour that stands out from the rest of your page but stays within your website theme and styling. Ensure there is enough contrast between your text and background for readability and accessibility.

Colour Palette

Ensure the landing page colours align with your brand and style guide. It’s best practise to choose 3-4 colors that complement each. Most importantly, the colours must align with your landing page intent and represent and align with your brand. TIP: Keep your style guide and colour codes on hand for easy access whenever you needed to utilise them.


"Is my text readable or does it give me a migraine?"

Your fonts size and family speaks loudly. It can be playful, serious, or plain creepy. Choose wisely and stick to no more than 2-3 fonts per page. IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep it legible.

Correct Branding

“Is my business clearly represented?”
Include your logo on the top of your page so that visitors will be able to identify your brand right away. Assure them that they’re in the right place.

Credibility & Trust

“Is my site credible?”

Include testimonials, reviews, partners or feedback from your audiences to attract other visitors and build brand credibility and trust. Include images of the reviewers to further help build credibility and trust around legitimacy.

Visitor User Experience

“Wow, where am I?”

Your website must be easy to navigate, fast and offer a smooth customer experience. Be sure to strategically plan out the content that leads visitors to your page and try to lead them to take action. If you deliver, the expected outcome is a returned action or contact.


“Is every element on my page mobile-optimised for smart phones and ipads?”

A huge percentage of web traffic now happens on mobile devices. So ensure that your landing pages can be viewed on all devices and browsers. Check every element’s responsiveness and confirm visitors can fully interact with your page content.


“Is my design ‘data-driven’ and ‘customer-tested’?”

If the above list is checked, don’t get too excited and launch your page immediately. Forward your design to friends, colleague or warm customers. Make sure you ask them for detailed, constructive and honest feedback. Ask them if they feel the above criterias have been met. Collect the feedback, complete analysis and identify what you need to polish on your landing pages before promoting.

A / B or Split test

Test different landing page content. Try two versions of the same page and see which one performs better. A/B or Split testing allows you to identify the best option to deliver amazing experiences & drive growth.  

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