Video Content Ideas to Support Your Marketing Campaigns

Are you considering developing video content for your company? Video marketing is an excellent way to cut through the digital marketing noise. It has the ability to engage your audience and foster an emotional connection with them. In addition, videos can also improve your search engine rankings. In fact, YouTube is now world’s second largest search engine after Google. The platform boasted that they have more than a billion users – that amounts to a third of worldwide internet users.  More and more people now prefer receiving information in video format and failing to ride this trend can be detrimental to your business. Here are ways you can promote your brand and company using video marketing:

Tell Your Story

Take the opportunity to develop videos that tell compelling stories about the people behind the company, where the main idea came from and what the company stands for. People are interested in an interesting foundational story because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to feel inspired by a company with a real purpose.

You can also create videos that showcase your company culture. A great company culture video highlights your team’s strengths and values. This shows that your company isn’t a faceless corporation but has a human side with its own personality. The goal is to build trust with your target audience to help convert prospects into paying customers.

Educate your Audience

How-to videos and product demos are excellent tools to establish your company as an industry leader. The modern customer is tired of being sold to when seeking information. Educational videos are great tools to build credibility without being too overly “salesy”.  Focus on producing tutorial videos that address a pain point or solves a problem. One way to find topics that add value is by researching popular keywords in your niche. Examples of educational video formats include live demos, whiteboard videos and webinars.

Interview Customers

Happy and satisfied customers are your best brand ambassadors. Why not schedule Q&A sessions with them so they can share their experience with your product or service? Ask them about the issue or challenge they were facing and how the product delivered desired results as promised.  Did they have initial hesitations? How were they eventually convinced to give it a try? What particular benefits are they most keen about? Did they find other unexpected bonuses? Why would they encourage others to buy into it as well? These rich stories from real customers that your audience can relate with can give your brand authenticity.   

There are many types of video content that you can create, but they will not be effective unless you develop a content marketing plan that will guide all your marketing efforts towards your business goals. While great video contact can capture attention and engage audiences, without setting the right objectives, they will not help your business grow.

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