What are the Winning Web Design Trends for 2020?

With the new year dawning, time really flies fast. We’re already at the beginning of February, which means it’s time to open yet another chapter. New chapters open up to new beginnings and for digital technology, new beginnings are synonymous to new web design trends.

Web design trends are one of the significant trends worth looking forward to ensure your website can keep up with the technological advancements. Like in most things, trends in web design evolve and change over time. This year saw aesthetics and technology come together like never before with the integration of chatbots, video contents, and geometric shapes.

What will be the winning web design trends for 2020 then? Will it adopt some of this year’s innovative approach and take it to the next level or will web design explore on totally new creative path? Let’s found out below!

  1.  Micro-Animation

From the word itself, micro-animation refers to small animations. In web design, every small detail matters and has a big impact. That is much true with micro-animations; they are greatly helpful to users as interactive guide in your website. They make your website look fun and playful while enhancing the user experience at the same time. If your website hasn’t used micro-animations yet, it’s time to add it up this year to keep your audience coming back to your site.

  1. Organic Shapes

In 2020, it’s all about natural organic shapes and smooth lines. Last year has seen a lot of geometric patterns such as squares, rectangles and triangles which gave websites a look of strength and stability. Organic patterns on the other hand are more about accessibility and comfort, and aim to give your website a more human touch or look.

  1. Vibrant Colours

Gone are the days where websites only feature soft and neutral colours. Next year will be a colourful year for websites, as more vibrant colours are going to be injected in design schemes to elevate brands against the competition. Bold and bright colours will give life to your website however they should be carefully picked to complement your branding.

  1. Colourful Minimalism

Yes to vibrant colours in 2020 and yes to colourful minimalism. They go hand-in-hand in a sense that minimalism is no longer conformed to just whites. Colourful minimalism is the use of vibrant colours with clean text and simple elements       yet still eye-catching and pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Colour Psychology

Another trend that designers are likely to experiment more is the colour psychology, the study of how colours affect human behaviours. What does it have to do with your website? Colours evoke different feelings and emotions; for example, white gives calmness while yellow tends to evoke positivity and happiness. Using colours mindfully in your website can make you connect with your users on a more meaningful emotional level.

  1. Thumb-Friendly Navigation

With more and more people switching to mobile browsing, thumb-friendly navigation is becoming a necessary trend in web design. Due to this, the way in which users hold their phones and move their thumb while browsing have become a design factor in the web design process. In 2020, this trend will see its rise as more users will have the chance of navigating tailored to their thumbs.

  1. More Videos

Videos will continue to dominate in 2020, but the focus will be on smart videos. These are videos that are well-thought out and have significance to the users. Instead of just embedding videos from YouTube, smart videos are must-haves for your website to attract more users and increase web traffic. Most videos include a plot, characters, conflict and resolution.

  1. Material Design

Certainly not a new trend anymore, material design replaces the traditional web design with colours and shadows that mimics real objects and textures in the physical world. It uses responsive animations, transitions and depth effects such as lighting and shadows which permit a more personalised user experience. 


Having your website updated with the latest trends keeps you gearing in the right direction. Don’t let your website be a thing of the past; stay relevant and update your website with the winning web design trends for 2020. Don’t just look forward to it, bring it to life and get ready to have a brighter and livelier website as you face the New Year.

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